My spin on the New Moon in Taurus

Welcome to my spin on the New Moon in Taurus

It’s been a long time coming (Sun entered Taurus on the 20th April) and soon, the Sun will move into Gemini (21st May) so the next few days are going to be critical in more ways than you know, I’ll explain in a moment. A little ‘house-keeping’ when we say the Sun or anything ‘moves’ it’s all apparent for it’s the earth that moves around the Sun as does the planets so rather than talk heliocentric we talk geocentric – techno speak eh! (“Hit your Thesaurus for what this means”) and now we have this New Moon in Taurus where ‘she’ is exalted which basically brings out the best in all you Taureans out there (like having an unexpected birthday present) and for the rest of us wherever Taurus is located in our chart you can take advantage of this New Moon and ‘plant’ the appropriate seeds, make your wishes or affirmations – “don’t you get tired of hearing that?”

 All the wishes and affirmations in the world won’t make a whit of difference unless there’s action or intention behind them so let’s use this New Moon and become a little more fixed or determined (and wherever this sign is located in your chart is where you’re determined, fixed and resolute) and when I say the next few days are critical let me expand  – it’s time for some self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem, time to feed yourself some real food and give yourself permission to indulge in a little self-love (not self-pity.) Time to get real and say to hell with the world for there’s no-one and nothing out there that’ll change your life but YOU – “don’t you get tired of hearing that phrase?” Well, from this dreary ol’ Sagittarian who just happens to have a Progressed Moon in Taurus in a few weeks – “don’t you get tired of me talking about me?” And to say I’m excited or exalted is an understatement – “stay tuned people…”

I want to thank all those who purchased my eBook on AstroNumerology and for the feedback some have sent me (which I’ll put on the website) and for those who still haven’t downloaded their eBook edition to their computer, iPhone, iPad or tablet you can still do so until the end of May for the princely sum of AU$7.75 click here and for those who seek a little more understanding of Solar/Lunar Astrology you can pick up your eBook for the same price by clicking here as you’ll notice (since my old website went to God) I am looking at new systems for delivering my eBooks and am happy with the one I’m currently using and if you have an eBook in mind that you think others might be interested in purchasing (no website is necessary) I can help you get started, drop me an email and I’ll do what I can to help you get started earning an income (Taurus) and increase your earnings…

The Sun as you know will soon be entering Gemini, the Moon as you’ve just read is a New Moon in Taurus, little ol Mercury is about to go retrograde (again!) so back up your computers, sort out the ‘cloud’ and turn of automatic updates…Venus, don’t you love her is have tea and scones in Cancer with Mars head butting in Gemini. Jupiter is around 15 degrees of Leo (soon to move from my 8th into my 9th – don’t you love it?) and for some of you baby boomers out there he’ll be shaking hands with your natal Pluto… Saturn, on the other hand has some of you Scorpio’s in his sights for he’s retrograde and will re-enter your sign next month and won’t leave some of you alone until September – just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, along comes JAWS… Uranus is enjoying Aries for company will be doing so for a few years helping or hindering all you Rams with Neptune getting drunk in Pisces (or, is it he’s just happy?) he’ll retrograde next month so all you Pisceans out there had better watch out – no one likes an angry drunk! Pluto is still creating his havoc on the world scene as he retro’s through Capricorn and don’t you love it as the little planet who was demoted a few years ago is throwing a few tantrums? All in all, the world continues to spin on its axis, the earth continues to travel through space, the planets (once called wanderers) continue on their journey and life moves on-sometimes the more things change the more thing stay the same…

 Here’s a thought for the coming days and you’ve probably heard this before but every seven years every cell in your body has renewed itself meaning you are not the same person you were seven years ago – not the same person! Here’s the math, at age 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49, 56, 63, 70, 77, 84, 91, 98…you’re a different person…

 I’ll leave you with the following quote: “Be yourself – everyone else is taken” I’ve lived this most of my entire life and ask you what it asks of you – time to be YOU.

I’m off to work in the garden, maybe light a fire for some meditation (enjoy a nice glass of red) and be in the moment. Until next time don’t forget to purchase a lottery ticket…


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My spin on the Full Moon in Scorpio

AstroWelcome to the Full Moon @ 13 degrees Scorpio

If you’re a Scorpio, Taurus or Leo (or know someone who is) take note of this Full Moon where the release and easing of frustration should take place (if you take a moment or two in meditation that is – for life-long disturbances don’t disappear in the “blink of an eye.)” Talking of meditation do you practise on a regular basis, have you tried it and gave it away? Do you have your favourite music to listen to or, images, icons to gaze upon or mantra to chant? The benefits of meditation are immense and worthy of study and I would like you to consider the many techniques out there, from conscious breathing to relaxing the body, from yoga to visualisation exercises.

 I mentioned the above fixed signs (apart from Aquarius) benefiting from this Full Moon with the Sun in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio and Jupiter in Leo and remembering all you baby boomers there’s a conjunction of Jupiter to your natal Pluto coming soon (or you’ve already experienced it) for the last time in 2015 – I’m looking forward to mine around the 15th June! What about you?

 The Mutable Signs (apart from Virgo) are also receiving their fair share with Gemini being visited by Mercury and Gemini, Pisces having Neptune settle in and Sagittarius having Saturn retrograding and re-entering Scorpio around the middle of next month…

 The Cardinal Signs (apart from Cancer and Libra) of Aries and Capricorn having Uranus and Pluto respectively with Pluto retrograde enjoying some release or easing of tension in the coming weeks – so here’s the simplest of techniques you can all practice: Instead of the time worn expression of “let go and move on” I ask you to “weigh anchor” and set sail into a new sunset. I am. What about you?

As I re-think my game plan for the future I want to thank all those who’ve made a purchase of an eBook or eBooks in the past and for those who have a printed copy of one of my books since the 70’s and it’s become tattered and torn – it’s time to update. It gives me great pleasure to announce my latest project titled AstroNumerology at an introductory price of $7.75 (AUD) delivered immediately to your mobile device or computer. “With over 88,000 words, 134 pages in PDF format – interactive and intuitive it’s time to update from print to having Numerology on your phone, tablet or computer.” From Birth Numbers, Astrological Numbers, House Numbers, Calculating your Current Cycle – it’s all there and more…Purchase Today

 When Jupiter conjuncts my Natal Pluto @19 degrees Leo in my Solar 9th there’ll be new horizons to explore and a new game plan to be instigated – stay tuned for when I “weigh anchor” setting sail towards a new frontier I want you to join me – interested? This conjunction of Jupiter/Pluto (not just for me but all the baby boomers) can be understood by looking back 12 years (2003) – the year I started teaching!

Okay, back to the power of  meditation/consideration /contemplation for this Scorpio Moon is all about some depth analysis of where you’ve been and where you want to go with the ‘seeds’ of this being planted about six months ago (October 22nd 2014 New Moon in Scorpio) one of the reasons for keeping a journal and for that day I wrote “dinner with a friend” and funnily enough that same friend is visiting tonight…

For those who’ve just joined and it’s all still a mystery (even those who’ve journeyed with me for some time and still find it complex) let me re-assure you as write this bulletin and put “pen to paper” (I know – an old expression) the energy, the connection, the relationship and affiliation we share imbues, imbibes and permeates between us. I can feel it, can you?

 Returning to meditation – even if it’s only a momentary reflection or concentrated effort the benefits are enormous and the healing power of quiet contemplation cannot be overlooked so: “weigh anchor and set sail.”

 Until next time enjoy your meditation


My spin on the New Moon in Aries

907Sat 18th April

Welcome to the New Moon @28 degrees of Aries

 To readers old and new, welcome to another bulletin to inspire, to motivate or immediately delete the ramblings of a middle-aged Sagittarian- well they do say that the 60’s are the new 40’s   “try telling the body first thing in the morning…” Seriously, this New Moon is all about feeling young, refreshed, revitalised and invigorated, do you?

Let me offer you a little secret for since the Sun entered Aries on the 21st March 2015 what you’ve been feeling, fearing, desiring or craving is now being ‘locked in’ so look at where Aries is in your chart and see where your thoughts, ideas, wishes and dreams of the past few weeks have been generated for if you’ve been positive and optimistic these thoughts are being ‘locked in’ if you’ve been negative and pessimistic “same” if you’ve been on your own- then how you’ve coped with your own company is being ‘locked in.’

If you’ve been determined to succeed ‘same’ for whenever the Sun moves into a sign the New Moon follows and ‘locks in’ the energy hence the importance of the New Moon for you get opportunity (over a 24 hour period) of reviewing where you’ve been, what you’ve done or failed to do and make adjustments before the first sliver of the increasing Moon. So, at the time you receive this bulletin think about the past few weeks and if you don’t like what you see make the necessary changes to your thinking and if you like what’s been happening then look forward with a happy heart knowing all will come into fruition… “I love the moon – don’t you?”

 You’ll now be able to access or share this information with your family and friends for I’ll be posting it to my website  where I’ve had my fun with House Numbers and want to get a little more serious – funnily enough I found this comment from a few years ago and would like to share it with you: Review by: D.M. on Dec. 15, 2013: Wow what an amazing book! Being someone who has moved about a lot I was keen to trace back some of the numbers I have lived at and see if there was any connection with what the author was saying tends to occur at certain addresses. What I found was uncanny. I am currently living with parents and happen to be a Cancerian and my house number happens to be two. No big deal because I have lived at other numbers but my parents have been engaged in welfare projects and social concerns since living here and having put a huge grin on my face I couldn’t wait to check other addresses we lived at.  Sure enough previous numbers 26, 28, 33, and 39 all described specific events that took place at those addresses. I would love to hear from other readers to see if they too can trace undeniable events mentioned in this book that are said to spring from living at certain addresses. When I come to move I will be very particular what numbers I live at!!!  I found this book exciting and can’t wait to try it out on family and friends and highly recommend this, it’s certainly something you will have fun with and could actually make a huge difference to your life if you use it wisely (reviewed day of purchase)…

 Needless to say I was humbled by the above comment for since Jupiter has returned to Leo and soon to make another hit to my natal Pluto (same as everyone else born around the same time) in my solar 9th (the sector of the chart ruling writing and publishing) there’s a few more eBooks emerging – I’ll keep you posted. BTW not only does the 9th house rule writing and publishing but also courts and legal matters and I’ve been called to attend Jury Duty where if selected it’ll be a ten week trial – isn’t Astrology wonderful? Not for making life easy or without effort but for fitting the pieces together and when you can see the pattern/picture emerge you know you’re on the right track…

 This bulletin is not just about me for like you every day seems to melt into each other and the years are flying faster than a speeding bullet and no sooner is it 2015 than it’ll be 2016 and the paint on the walls is still flaking for no matter how much visualisation and affirmation making you set out to do – “reality gets in the way” and the days melt into one so, at this New Moon take a few moments and discover where Aries is in your chart and focus accordingly and who knows you might, just might find the energy and motivation to get things done or, find a spring in your step that wasn’t there before…

We all need a little ego boost now and then so let me give “a big bear hug” in being you, for following my humble attempts at bringing you information once or twice a months, a great big thank you for the years you’ve known me (and for some it goes back nearly 40 years!) for those who’ve just subscribed and taken the time to thank me for the shared insights – thank you…

 Today the Sun is at 28 degrees Aries as is the Moon. Mercury@ 7 Taurus, Venus@7 Gemini, Mars@13 Taurus, Jupiter@12 Leo now direct. Saturn@3 degrees Sag and retrograding, Uranus@17 degrees Aries. Neptune@9 degrees Pisces and Pluto now retrograding at 15 degrees Capricorn…

 A simple technique is to look for the ruler of your sign and see what house it’s in or entering and you do know the ruler of your sign don’t you? In this way you can make predictions not only for yourself but family and friends without having to worry about all the variables and combinations for example if you are Aries and you know Mars is the ruler of Aries and with Mars now at 13 degrees Taurus you know the ruler of your sign is visiting your solar second (for information on the houses click here) always keep in mind it’ll be the house cusp degree that’ll determine where your ruler is located at this time – enjoy and have fun for in having fun with your subject it can only improve  your understanding, taking it too seriously you’ll become bogged down in the detail…

 AstroUntil next time – think about my introductory offer:

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Can you figure out this House Number?


As you know I’m having some fun with House Number Numerology – see if you can work out the number of the house from the ‘characterisation’ below.

“Your offer’s been accepted” said the solicitor, shuffling papers “the house is yours” and although we were ecstatic something didn’t feel right, “trust me” he kept saying over and over again “if you’ll just sign these documents I’ve prepared you can move in as soon as you like.” We looked at each other thinking it’s too good to be true but he kept insisting we sign on the dotted line.

It was the 4th of the month a Friday and he wanted our signature before the end of the day, the transfer of funds before the banks closed, he dangled the keys in front of us saying “if you wait any longer it could be too late” he persisted and we signed our lives away on Friday 4th at 4pm… Did we do the right thing?

What do you think is the House Number?


Can you guess (deduce) the number of this house?

2065Two mates share a two storey town house the older an Aries the younger a Scorpio with books from floor to ceiling in almost every room. Not that they were academic, just avid readers and by the assortment of titles, very eclectic. The Aries whose was name was Carl a closet transvestite who, at home liked to be called Carol. The Scorpio whose name was something of a mystery was simply known as ‘simple’ as in Simple Simon although from the books he read there was nothing simple about simple.

 Their parties were the talk of the neighbourhood where celebrities and wannabes attended as if every occasion was an opening night and where Carol was in her element becoming the flamboyant drag queen for everyone’s entertainment. He was an amazing man this Carl, a lecturer at University, pedantic and plodding in speech, often boring his students who’d slit their wrists as an excuse to leave class. At home, when Carl became Carol she was a raconteur, story-teller and conversationalist where no subject was out-of-bounds and no-one escaped her acerbic tongue.

Were these two in some kind of relationship everyone wondered (the reality was no) but they gave no clues or hints as to whether they were or were not, suffice to say they’d known each other a long, long time. To call them ‘larger than life’ would be an understatement. What house number do you think these guys live at?