Can you guess (deduce) the number of this house?

2065Two mates share a two storey town house the older an Aries the younger a Scorpio with books from floor to ceiling in almost every room. Not that they were academic, just avid readers and by the assortment of titles, very eclectic. The Aries whose was name was Carl a closet transvestite who, at home liked to be called Carol. The Scorpio whose name was something of a mystery was simply known as ‘simple’ as in Simple Simon although from the books he read there was nothing simple about simple.

 Their parties were the talk of the neighbourhood where celebrities and wannabes attended as if every occasion was an opening night and where Carol was in her element becoming the flamboyant drag queen for everyone’s entertainment. He was an amazing man this Carl, a lecturer at University, pedantic and plodding in speech, often boring his students who’d slit their wrists as an excuse to leave class. At home, when Carl became Carol she was a raconteur, story-teller and conversationalist where no subject was out-of-bounds and no-one escaped her acerbic tongue.

Were these two in some kind of relationship everyone wondered (the reality was no) but they gave no clues or hints as to whether they were or were not, suffice to say they’d known each other a long, long time. To call them ‘larger than life’ would be an understatement. What house number do you think these guys live at?

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House Numbers – you gotta read this…

booksEver since my first book on Numerology appeared in the late 1970’s the fascination with House Numbers has gone unabated with many, many of my readers and followers referring to what’s been written before they move, purchase or rent a property. Now it’s time to have some fun and bring some characters into each and every number.

See if you can guess from what I’ve written (tongue in cheek) below as to what the number of the  house might be.

“Welcome, welcome to my humble abode” enthused Kerrie air kissing us both as she ushered us into her mansion where the word humble couldn’t be further from the truth. Everything around us said money (or debt) from the lavish carpets to the paintings on the wall (original or otherwise you’d never know) to the chandeliers (mock) hanging from the cathedral ceiling that was her lounge room. The view from the marbled dining area (curved glass walls) overlooking the lake where, every now and then a pelican would land or take off.

 “This must’ve cost a fortune” we said in amazement. “That’s what having rich parent’s is all about” replied Kerrie as if everyone had rich parents. There was a place for everything and everything in its place – even the carpet pile seemed brushed in the one direction. The children’s bedroom had everything and more – even a monitoring system she could access half a world away! She lived here all alone with her two kids (boy and girl) and non allergenic poodle for who she had a doggie walker or, as she called him “her pets personal trainer” where every other day he’d arrive in his immaculate van and take the dog for a training session complete with a written report on what it ate, shit or shat…

“Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental”

There are no prizes, no winners, nothing. I’ve decided to have a little fun with Numerology and will post every other day a few more ‘characters’ for you to guess which house they might inhabit. Join the fun and leave a comment for others to see:

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Party Moon’s


Moon Workshops

When was the last time you were at a party and found yourself uncomfortable with the surroundings? Or, when was the last time you went to a function and had the time of your life? This article might help you understand the dynamics at work when people gather together for it’s the Moon at work whenever there’s any kind of public gathering. Sure, the Sun is in there as well but it’s the Moon in your Chart that’s responding to what’s going on or going down. This article is all about having some fun with your very own Natal Moon. Or, when invited to a celebration, party or function the transiting Moon. Let’s face it; if you cannot have fun with your life then you’re lifeless.

Take a look at your Sun Sign for this is how you’ll make your entrance but it’s your Moon that responds to the people around you. If you’re lucky the two will be in harmony, in most cases, no matter how you try, they tend to be in conflict, and we all know what that can mean, don’t we? We have that one drink too many, we say things we don’t mean or, we let the ‘cat out of the bag’ by revealing something of ourselves that’s remained hidden for years (we all know about the dark side of the Moon, don’t we?)

We all know about Sun in Leo making a dramatic entrance, the Sun in Virgo busy in the kitchen, the Sun in Gemini talking to everyone and of course we cannot forget the Sun in Pisces with a drink in one hand listening to someone unburdening their problems. Without further ado let me outline how you can best express your Natal Moon (and you know where it’s located in your Chart don’t you?) for in this day and age where first impressions count, knowing how to make the best impression possible guarantees success or failure. Some Moon’s are assertive, some reflective; others are passive or positive, which one is you?

 Read the following tips, hints and suggestions if you’re holding a party or attending a function and I guarantee you’ll have the time of your life.

If you have your Moon in Aries: (or the Moon is transiting Aries at the time) it’s likely you’ll want to activate or energise the party the moment you walk through the front door. The first thing you’ll be saying is: “what’s up” and if you get no response you’ll do something or say something to break any silence, for anything’s better than nothing. And if you’re the host or hostess it’s up to you to keep things alive and interesting.

Moon in Taurus: The ‘control freak’ for Taurean Moon’s (holding a party) likes to know who everyone is, where they come from and if you haven’t got an invitation you would get past the ‘security’ guard! Spontaneity (unless planned) is usually not allowed for Taurean Moon’s become uncomfortable with the unexpected. If attending a party you’ll attempt to control it for that’s your ‘security’ and when the conversation or activity becomes a little boisterous you’ll fuss and fret over the damage that might be done to the surroundings, furniture etc. Get over it and enjoy yourself.

Moon in Gemini: We all know them, the ones who never stop talking for these Moon’s are all about communication but they never really say anything deep and meaningful. Okay, their great to have at any function, the first to arrive, the last to leave, always a story to tell, a joke to crack, wide sweeping gestures of where they’ve been and who they’ve met. They move from one guest to another picking up a little gossip here a little gossip there, expanding it as you go along. If you have your Moon in Gemini and you’re a quiet shy sort of person (look to your Sun) then you’re missing out so let your Gemini Moon have some fun and let your hair down for no matter what you think no-one remembers or cares about any faux passé.

 Moon in Cancer: Throw a party in your own home for the time of your life and if you’re at a function or somewhere you’re uncomfortable the first words you’ll say to your partner is: “I want to go home.” Of all Moon’s you’re the one that picks up on the atmosphere, if you’re in a good mood and the party is a little flat you’ll ‘kick-start’ the karaoke (I have a sister with a Cancer Moon and her voice could shatter glass). If the party is in full swing and you’re not switched on it’s likely you’ll retreat or retire to where you feel comfortable, and we all know where that is don’t we? I know many Moons in Cancer (when it’s all gets just too much) just go to bed!

Here we have the best Moon of all (duh!) the Moon in Leo: for they want everyone to have a good time! You might think everything is spontaneous but they’ve been planning the event for weeks and they know you’ll love them for it, so you’d better lay it on thick otherwise you won’t get another invite! If this is your Moon you know what I’m talking about. If you’re attending a party or function during a transiting Moon in Leo bring a present. And if your host is a Moon in Leo don’t forget to comment on the hairdo, the style, the cut and the look.

 Let’s not forget our favourite, the Virgo Moon: They’ve been worrying about this party for weeks, and if this is your Moon you’ll have debated for days whether you should attend or not. Mr. or Ms organised that’s what this Moon is all about. Throwing a party is like planning a war; everything must go to plan (it seldom does, if they invite a Sagittarian Sun or Moon, and they usually do!) They’ll have renovated the kitchen or never leave the kitchen, how many parties have you been to where you had the best time over the dishwasher? I’ll bet you’re either a Virgo Moon or the host/hostess is ‘harvest moon.’ By the way, there’s always a doggie or moggie that glamour’s for your attention.

 The biggest surprise of all is being invited to attend a party held by or under the influence of a Libran Moon: Ordinarily they like everything to be in harmony until that moment when they (you) throw a wobbly and decide it’s not worth the effort to be liked by everyone, this is when they go all out to irritate everyone within earshot. “Let not talk about our differences or, rock the boat tonight darling” is what you’ll be saying to your partner before the guests arrive, a sure sign that’s exactly what’s going to happen, surprise, surprise.

 Scorpio Moon: Never easy to figure out, if this is your Moon you might be too intense or afraid you’ll say or do something that might be misinterpreted. There’s ‘magnetism’ about you (male or female) that others are drawn to, find intriguing so, if you’re comfortable with flirting, flirt. If uncomfortable with verbal seduction keep your mouth shut, and stay where others (especially if you came with a partner) can see you! Most Scorpio Moons feel or discover afterwards someone is or has been saying something behind their back.

Moon in Sagittarius: Let’s make this party ‘rock’ that’s your motto. You’re out to enjoy yourself to either inspire (there’s that Jupiter influence talking) uplift or embarrass your host/hostess. Most Sag Moons open they’re mouth to change feet, if this is your Moon don’t have too many drinks before your Moon goes out to Party! Sag Moons always feel it’s their duty to make a party swing and if this is your Moon and you’re a wallflower, you’re missing out on so much fun (like the Gemini Moon) for nobody cares what you do or say on the night.

Capricorn Moon: Now here’s a twist, its proper; it’s corporate and catered. Attending a function held by a Cap Moon means you’d better arrive on time, behave yourself, and talk business (boring). If you’re a Moon in Capricorn why not ‘theme’ your parties / functions so that you can show your ‘other side’ your ‘fun side’ (it’s there so find it). I know so many Capricorn Moons who enjoy that old game ‘Twister’ (remember it) where bodies can mix and mingle for every Capricorn Moon wants to be up close and personal, even sexual (but need an excuse to explore the possibilities).

We all know about the Aquarian Moon: They never arrive on time and when they do eventually turn up there’s always a stranger in tow (and the stranger the better). If this is your Moon you want to electrify / shock / disrupt (just for the fun of it) any party/function or BBQ don’t you? One good thing about this moon (even the transiting moon) it promises to be different to what’s planned and you’ll talk about it for weeks to come. If it’s a fundraiser or charity function money will be raised beyond expectation for Aquarian Moons know how to pries money from people’s wallets for their favourite cause.

Poolside parties are best for the Pisces Moon: Or, a function on board a yacht! If this is your Moon you’ll imagine what’s going to happen, you’ll visualise your guests and what they’ll be wearing, saying, doing and – if they turn up at all – it never turns out the way you thought. If you’re attending a function where you feel it’s just too much ‘escape’ while you can especially if there are too many drunks, depressives and those who are ‘high maintenance.’ And if there’s any drugs going around, well.

How ‘sexy’ are you

The triple sex potential of your Sun Sign

A general description of your Sun-Sign’s sex potential might have you agreeing (if you should read you are a veritable dynamo of sexual energy) or, disagreeing (if you should read you are not as sexy as you think you are). Most people fail to realise that Astrologers divide each Sun-Sign into three distinct areas (called decanates) and in knowing your decanate you just might discover yourself to be sultrier, more stunning more stimulating than you thought yourself to be. Read about your particular ‘decanate’ below and discover for yourself your sexual potential.

Aries :( Mar 21st – Mar 30th) you are direct, honest and probably as impulsive in sex as you are in everything else. Being highly sexed you initiate the action, setting the mood except when you are tired, nervous or tense. Having very little patience you need a partner who is as aggressive as you are.

Aries :( Mar 31st – Apr 9th) although having the basic instincts of an Aries you are more patient with your partner- identifying with love rather than mere physical sex as being an integral part of any relationship. You have a strong sex drive and can control your impulses for the right moment, being someone who is a romantic at heart.

Aries :( Apr 10th – Apr 20th) you like to have fun with your partner. You are a caring, sharing, New Age sort of person and don’t mind what you do for your lover. You enjoy witty conversations and extended fore-play as a prelude to lovemaking. Good food, good wine, good music are all enjoyed by you and yours before getting between the sheets.

Taurus :( Apr 21st – Apr 30th) you posses a natural, un-self-conscious approach to sex which can be irresistible; and you’re extremely affectionate. Needing harmony in your relationship you dislike quarrels. You are patient with your partner and a good teacher to those who are somewhat inexperienced.

Taurus :( May 1st – May 10th) Considerate, thoughtful, affectionate you seldom get carried away in the heat of the moment. You value companionship and any relationship must include ‘trust before lust’. The surroundings need to be ‘just right’ so that you can relax and yourselves.

Taurus :( May 11th – May 21st) Even though you posses the warmth and sincerity of most Taureans you might be a little too inhibited for your own good, something of a late bloomer. You are loyal, faithful and have the capacity for self denial if you are ever separated from your lover.

Gemini :( May 22nd – May 31st) though it cannot be said sex is all in your mind it must be mentioned of all signs you are the most mentally polarised. Words, images, mental stimulation all arouse you sexually. It’s time to stop thinking about sex, it’s time to stop talking about it and start enjoying it.

Gemini: (Jun 1st – Jun 10th) Romance comes first, with music, candlelight, dancing, then sexual activity. You possess a natural enthusiasm a light-hearted inclination towards sex and treat it as a joyful, stimulating, experience. Your sex drive is dependent on your mental attitude.

Gemini: (Jun 11th – Jun 21st) Unconventional, unpredictable, untraditional, that’s you. Sex is an adventure and you will try anything once, or twice or maybe even three times! Being a curious type you `awakened’ early in life and by the middle years may be a little ‘jaded.’

Cancer: (Jun 22nd – Jul 1st) Being a child of the Moon you are very emotional with the Cancerian desire for security (both material and emotional) reflecting your sex life. Having a healthy sex drive you can, at times, be very demanding of your partner although your moods will tend to fluctuate with your desires.

Cancer: (Jul 2nd – Jul 11th) You can be one of the most aggressive of all Cancerians, using sex as a weapon or tool to get what you want from your partner. Your sexual drives can get out of control if you are not careful so learn to channel your energy into other pursuits, maybe a career or business!

Cancer: (Jul 12th – Jul 23rd) you tend to think of sex in terms of idealistic romanticism. Physical love – as expressed through sexual activity is very important to you as you combine sentimentality with sensuous pleasures. Choosing the wrong type of lover is common with this decanate (seeing him/her through rose coloured glasses).

Leo: (Jul 24th – Aug 2nd) fundamentally you consider sex to be an expression of love therefore casual sex is not for you. However, in the absence of a great love in your life you will make use of those available (only to hate yourself in the morning!). Your pride will be hurt every so often as you are more vulnerable in your sexual prowess than you imagine.

Leo: (Aug 3rd – Aug 13th) you’re a lavish lover, inclined to shower attention, gifts, affection and love on your partner. Having the basic Leonian characteristics you devote your whole attention on whatever you are doing during the sexual act, possessing enthusiasm, energy and exhuberance.

Leo :( Aug 14th – Aug 23rd) Nervous tension may run through your sex life if other areas of your life are not going as well as you’d like. You have a strong sex drive and a quick response to sexual stimuli but may be a little bit too impulsive at times, forgetting your partner’s needs. Outside pressures affect your performance more than you know.

Virgo: (Aug 24th – Sep 2nd) Spontaneity may be lacking at times as you tend to regulate your sex-life to the ‘proper’ time and place. A mental brake prevails over your impulses, which may prompt people to think of you as being cold and un-responsive.

Virgo: (Sep 3rd – Sep 13th) for you there is nothing better than a ‘good book’. “Isn’t that the truth?” When young and others were experimenting with their sexuality you were too busy planning ahead. Your sex life improves with maturity but by then it might just be “too late” (with the spirit willing but the body weak!)

Virgo :( Sep 14th – Sep 23rd) you are realistic in your approach to sexual matters and somewhat fastidious in your personal habits. Your underlying common sense and awareness of material values influences your choice of partner. The old adage; “It’s just as easy to fall in love with a rich person as it is with a poor person” could strike you as being quite correct.

Libra :( Sep 24th – Oct 2nd) you like sex to be refined, exotic even experimental, but never crass or crude. Possessing the Libran trait of elegance, comfort and luxury your sex life must include some glamour. Although having a strong sex drive you are turned off by anything which is ‘humdrum’.

Libra: (Oct 3rd – Oct 12th) you certainly don’t fit into any established pattern of sexual attitude or activity. A wide variety of types may be sexually attractive to you and you to them. Wanting to try anything different, if there is such a thing, you will explore all avenues of sexual experience. Your sexual appetite is strong so don’t starve yourself!

Libra: (Oct 13th – Oct 23rd) prone to sexual fantasies you might just think and talk about sex more than actually doing it. The anticipation of love-making probably excites you more than the actuality. Why not come out of your head and get into your heart?

Scorpio: (Oct 24th – Nov 2nd) you possess a strong sexual awareness plus a strong sex drive however; this does not necessarily mean a great deal of sexual activity. No matter what you say, emotional satisfaction is a major influence in your relationships and if missing, frustration leading to neurosis is usually the result.

Scorpio :( Nov 3rd – Nov 13th) Imagination and fantasy play a big part in your approach towards sexual dalliance. You have the same basic sexual interest as other Scorpio’s yet, often fall in love with the type who holds you back from other areas of interest (a sexually demanding partner perhaps?)

Scorpio :( Nov 14th – Nov 22nd) your sex life is probably more rewarding within the framework of a marriage or permanent relationship. Sex for you can be very creative and transforming (depending on your mood) and often produces pregnancy!

Sagittarius: (Nov 23rd – Dec 2nd) your approach towards sex is consistent with your approach towards most things in life: it’s a game. Although you can be faithful you often ‘play the field’ and if not you will ‘flirt’ with all and sundry. If you ever leave a partner there is usually no bitterness or recriminations.

Sagittarius: (Dec 3rd – Dec 12th) your general restlessness is often reflected in your sex life, which may alternate between periods of activity and involvement to inaction and disinterest. However, when you are in top form you are aggressive and demanding of your partner.

Sagittarius :( Dec 13th – Dec 21st) having a healthy and wholesome attitude towards sexual expression you will be considered ‘well-balanced’. Generally, though, you tend to be somewhat conventional rather than experimental.“Go on; let your hair down now and then.”

Capricorn: (Dec 22nd – Dec 31st) your sexiness is not as apparent to others as you know it to be. You have tremendous interest in sex but don’t show it. You are a powerhouse of passion but this may not surface until later in life or, until you are secure in a career.

Capricorn: (Jan 1st – Jan 10th) you are an incurable romantic and ‘carry a torch’ for your first love. There is another side to your nature which will plot and plan to get what who or what you want and when you do, you never let go.

Capricorn: (Jan 11th – Jan 20th) Sex is important to you but not so important that you’d risk losing other things you want because of it. Although your sex drive is strong you are unlikely to act impulsively or rashly. Also, you might even use sex as an asset in getting ahead in life.

Aquarius: (Jan 21st – Jan 30th) from intense activity to lack of interest, that’s you, with your sex life being somewhat erratic. Being highly strung and unusually attractive you may attract those who are insecure or overly permissive.

Aquarius: (Feb 1st – Feb 9th) you have the ability to talk your way into-or-out of any situation, including sexual situations. Basically, your mental attitude and interests determine your sex life. Often as not friends become lovers and former lovers become friends.

Aquarius: (Feb 10th – Feb 19th) Curious and wanting to know more and more you’ll often find yourself in situations which could get out of hand yet, you possess the uncanny ability to escape unscathed. The unusual and the erotic will interest you thereby giving you a diverse and interesting sex life.

Pisces: (Feb 20th – Mar 1st) you’re emotional and sensuous, romantically minded and highly responsive to sexual suggestion. Being overly dependent and emotionally attached to your sex partner, leads to frustration when he/she is more detached than you would want them to be.

Pisces: (Mar 2nd – Mar 11th) Sharing the same basic traits as most Pisceans you might be too dependent on your partner for your own happiness and well-being. Needing security in a relationship more than most you will sacrifice almost anything if this stability is threatened, which it often is?

Pisces: (Mar 12th – Mar 20th) More aggressive than most Pisceans you often deplete your sexual energy either pursuing or pleasing your partner. This leads to emotional turmoil unless you can find the right balance. Highly sexed and desirable you should not allow moments of self-pity to undermine your innate confidence.

(c) Thomas Muldoon

Weekly Tarot Meditation – the World

791The Major Arcana-Your Personal Journey – The World

 As we come to the last card of the Major Arcana (before meeting the Fool once again) it’s hoped you’ve seen your life or thinking alter in some way as you’ve meditated/journeyed with me through the Major Arcana for whenever I appear in any layout I bring completion, attainment and fulfilment, a new world. I am the end yet the beginning, the alpha and omega.

 The end of something always implies the beginning of something and I offer you a new beginning, accept me into your psyche. Life is a process of growth and decay, of stagnation and movement, life is about improvement and there’s always room for improvement, seek it. Enjoy each and every moment, set goals, set your sights on whatever you desire and move forward. Rise above the pettiness and see the larger picture that is your WORLD…

 When we enter life through the womb we leave behind the memory and recall of our spiritual life, our past life and where we’ve been. When we leave this world, the world we’re living in now we take nothing with us except the experience of our life and if we failed to learn from our experiences we’ll return again and again, repeating over and over the same ol’ same ol.’ Repeating the trials and tribulations, the same situations, and the same ‘events’ until we learn. This is an absolute law there are no exceptions. ALL are subject to this law for if we don’t learn we’ll return to life a thousand times over and over (even if it takes a million years) in order to ‘get it right.’

 It’s time to think of the ETERNAL NOW, for everything that has ever happened; everything that will ever happen is present now. Just like a compact disc all your favourite songs are there but you can only listen to them one track at a time…

 Whenever I appear in any layout there’s always the hint of travel, change and reward, success with ‘new worlds’ to appear. Doors are opening, opportunities will present themselves and rewards will be yours. Your subconscious is active now; listening for instructions from your conscious self – feed it, nourish it, acknowledge the power of your subconscious for it contains all you memories – past, present and future…

 If you’re operating on the negative you’ll fear change, you’ll lack vision and suffer disillusionment all of which the subconscious mind will bring into reality, reinforcing your fears, monitor your thoughts and don’t lose your emotional control…When you integrate me into your psyche you’ll become aware that the universe exists because you exist! You are a co-creator, feel this power and create a better life, not only you but for ALL within your world.

 Contained within this card is all there is and I want to share it with you, are you ready to accept me into your psyche? If so, onward and upward you’ll rise. If not, downward and backward you’ll fall – repeating the same patterns of existence you’ve always experienced, having to learn all over again whatever is necessary for your growth, back to square one, so to speak. I am the world, I am life, I am Spirit, come to me…

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Weekly Tarot – Judgement

780The Major Arcana-Your Personal Journey: Judgement…

 The penultimate card of the Major Arcana and your meditations, now that you’ve integrated the SUN into your psyche it’s time for me to offer you AWAKENING, for you are now at a crossroad and your life will alter. Do not think of me in the conventional sense for the only person who ‘judges’ is YOU…

 Relax and enjoy the moment for you’re about to experience another kind of re-birth, another journey into the abyss, your connection with the SPIRITUAL world is close at hand, feel it’s warmth. There’s a new lease on life, a radical shift in your thinking, an awakening…

This is your life and no one can live it for you, just as your ‘death’ is your ‘death’ and no one can ‘die’ for you, live this day as though it were the last day of your life, not the first but the last and you’ll experience joy knowing you are closer in your understanding of his life your ‘journey.’ Unless you live in the moment with joy in your heart the world of SPIRIT will remain a dream, it’ll seem so far away. Objections to why life has happened the way it has are excuses, your life has altered, move on in the knowledge that all will be well…

 Soon, you’ll become aware of your place in the scheme of things and when you do you’ll become free from earthly concerns (for they are illusion) and enter the world of spiritual wonder, where everything is possible…

 No one can explain what you’ll experience, what will happen but soon, your ‘eyes’ will open and you’ll no longer see life through ‘rose coloured glasses’ or through the misery of your tears. I am Judgement and I offer you eternal life, come to me…

 Whenever I appear in any layout I bring a turning point, I bring a time of decisions, increased awareness and opportunity. Unless you act decisively and put my ideas into practical use you’ll experience restlessness and confusion. If you act as I ask of you, life will move into a world of wonder, ACT now don’t resist the need for change for even if you don’t know where your life is heading do not be concerned, have faith and all will be well…

 NB: Whenever I’ve encountered this card in any layout there’s a negative I always mention: “if you’re afraid of change the card of Judgement card bring fear, weakness, poor health and loss of material goods, disillusionment and separations from loved ones – do you wish to embrace the negative?

However, if you embrace the card of JUDGEMENT it’ll save you and bring the awareness necessary to act. It has the ‘power’ to save or slay, to break familiar habit patterns and set you free. Control your emotions, don’t let the imagination run riot and become comfortable in the knowing that closeness with your SPIRITUAL SELF is nigh…

 PS: There’s often an ‘epiphany’ experienced whenever this card enters any layout and in my layout of choice (the Astrological Wheel) the house where it appears is where you’ll experience your insight and when you feel the ‘electricity’ of this moment – act upon it…

 Until next time, when we explore the final card in the Major Arcana (the WORLD) I bid you a good week.

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Meditation with the Tarot – The Sun

787The Major Arcana-your Personal Journey – The Sun…

 Continuing with our meditations – has something died in your life? In your experience of the MOON did your life go through some turmoil, and how did you cope? It’s now time to integrate the SUN into your psyche and be filled with hope, optimism and abundance, let me fill you with light so that you’ll live no longer in the dark…

 You’re about to realise you are a new person, you’ve been re-born (can you feel it?) filled with confidence, stronger in mind and body. You’ve survived your ‘struggles’ during the Moon now you can relax and bathe in my sunlight. You must accept you’re neither male nor female, good nor bad, happy or sad, imperfect or deficient – no, you are PERFECT in your own right. Once you believe this you’ll find balance in your life (look to the child on horseback, indicating perfect balance) this I promise you as you integrate me (The Sun) into your SOUL.

 Over the next few days spend time in the physical sunshine, in the fresh air, surround yourself with mother nature and know you are a child of the universe and all that’s happened to you and all that you do has a place in the scheme of things, never forget this – you are a part of not apart from the universe and all it contains…

 When we come to illumination each and every one of us does so in our own way for enlightenment is a personal experience and cannot be taught, bought or purchased over the Internet! Experience is not an explanation – you are now about to enjoy/experience your own enlightenment, are you ready?

 Soon, you’ll discover (within) the strength and fortitude to overcome any and every obstacle you’ve created (yes, you’ve created everything that has happened to you and only you can change this) and will create everything that will happen, time to stop dwelling on your fears, inhibitions, anxieties and live in the light not the dark. It’s time to express rather than repress your true nature, to have fun, to play and experience Joythe sheer Joy of being ALIVE

 There’s a healing taking place as you integrate me and when this healing is understood (on whatever level) it’s time to give thanks to your INNER SELF for bringing you to this realisation. When you’re ready – your inner guide is waiting, picture in your imagination what he or she might look like and whenever you need to bring a little ‘sunshine’ into your life or the life of another all you need do is call upon (imagine) your inner guide and he or she will be there…

 Whenever I the Sun, appear in any layout I bring reward, I bring a fresh start promising liberation and prosperity, freedom from hunger and burdens. Be alert to every opportunity and take the appropriate action for procrastination only brings more pain and ‘clouded’ moments. I am the Sun, the giver of life and in giving you life I ask you to live. Are you ready?

 Life is filled with many choices and whatever ‘attitude’ you choose will determine your future happiness or sadness, be positive for satisfaction and contentment will be yours, problems will resolve themselves without any effort from you (in their own way) that is my promise…

 NB: Whenever you meditate with the SUN card it’s best to do so in a darkened room or with the light of a candle…

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