Weekly Tarot Meditation

776The Major Arcana – the Hierophant…

 Continuing with our weekly meditation we explore the meaning behind the most misunderstood card in the pack what he has to say is along these lines: I am your INNER TEACHER, your INNER GUIDE. Whenever and wherever you see me you must listen to my voice. I ask that you question everything and everyone in your search for ‘truth’ for in doing so you’ll be able to act with reason and not by instinct.

True HEARING does not involve spirits from some astral plane, clairvoyance or visions from some nebulous realm. On the contrary, true intuition is based upon gathering all the facts available, accessing them consciously and feeding this information to the subconscious mind which will the act upon this data and bring into reality whatever it is ‘fed.’ Bringing about the desired result; sometimes delivering an answer as if by a ‘miracle.’

Whenever and wherever I appear on the tarot wheel (or the layout of choice) it’s time to promote yourself or talent to the best of your ability. When you ‘see’ me and wherever you ‘see’ me you will face many different paths, situations requiring a decision, choices to be made. In exercising self-control, in channelling your energies wisely and in acting decisively you will bring about a turning point to your life. The secret is in the ‘hearing.’

I ask that you question your upbringing, to question your beliefs, to look at where you’ve been or are being influenced by the ‘preaching’ of another. Remembering, I represent the ‘religion’ of your time and culture; ask if I am teaching TRUTH or DOGMA?

In some cases, when you see me in a layout, it’s you that’ll need some counselling, some advice; in most cases it’ll be others that turn to you. No matter, if it’s you that need some guidance listen to what you hear. If it’s another asking you for ‘help’ be ready to guide them to the best of your ability and point them towards the correct path. If someone has ‘lost’ their way or if it’s you who have ‘lost’ your way know in your heart that each and every one of us has to experience a crisis or two (a test of faith) in order to grow.

Heaven and Hell do exist but only as states in the human mind. In dealing with any ‘crisis’ one must turn to ones own God for help and encouragement therefore find and dialogue with your own God just remember, if you’ve been conditioned or influenced by the dogma of your ‘earthly religion’ then your world must collapse in order that you see the folly of your beliefs.

Only by calm deliberation, by assembling every piece of information presented by any situation can the intellectual process approach its fullest potential. In offering your subconscious mind this jigsaw puzzle of information can it process it, assemble the pieces, to form a picture and deliver the solution back to your conscious mind via the unconscious and super conscious.

On your tarot /astrological wheel the conscious mind is located in position three, the subconscious in position twelve, unconscious mind in position six with your super conscious mind in position nine. Spend some time following this path and discover its TRUTH…


Upcoming New Moon in Libra


Welcome to my spin on the upcoming New Moon @1 degree Libra

  •  As I write this report the moon hasn’t moved to the Sun, take a look at the chart on the left and you’ll see the Sun is 29 degrees Virgo, tomorrow it’ll be 0 degrees Libra gradually becoming 1 degree as the day moves on for the Sun moves one degree per day. You’ll notice Venus is 21 degrees Virgo moving into ‘her’ own sign of Libra on the 30th of September. Mercury is at 26 degrees Libra and will move into Scorpio on the 28th September. Mars is located at 6 degrees  Sagittarius moving into Capricorn on the 26th October. Jupiter is at 14 degrees Leo (affecting all the baby boomers born with Pluto in Leo) Saturn is 19 degrees of Scorpio and making a dramatic exit just before Christmas – be prepared all you Sag’s. Uranus and Neptune are still in what is called retrograde motion in Aries and Pisces respectively. Pluto has just begun his ‘apparent’ direct motion in Capricorn with the seasons changing (spring in the southern hemisphere, autumn or fall in the northern) “welcome to the Equinox…”
  • As we experience this New Moon on the 23rd we’ll all be thinking about ‘relationships’ (before then and – as this bulletin arrives in your Inbox) take a moment or two and prioritise setting wheels in motion to bring a little order into your life and one of the easiest ways of doing this is to do a little ‘spring or autumn’ cleaning – easy peasy, clean out the pantry, re-stock the fridge, change the sheets, complete your laundry, ironing, etc. Scrub the bath, shower, floors etc. You don’t have to do it all but when you do one little thing you’ll be amazed at how re-vitalised you feel, “don’t take my word for it do it and see.”
  •  When we talk about relationships we often think in terms of people but in actual fact we have relationships with numerous things – our friends, neighbours, computers, cars, phones, I-Pad, – you name it! What I’d like  you to do as you approach this New Moon in Libra is to think about what’s missing in your life, what’s lacking  and what you need from your life. It doesn’t have to be much but unless you ask or seek you’ll only end up with the same old same old. So, take a moment or two over the coming days and work out what’s missing or lacking in your life and what it is you need to break free from the endless repetition (going around in circles) for we all need a little stimulation, excitement and encouragement. You may or not believe this for when Venus enters ‘her’ own sign of Libra all of the above is ‘sparked’ into action (30th Sept to 24th Oct) be prepared and take advantage of this once a year occurrence!
  •  When we look at the seventh house of our chart we come to understand who and what we need or, lack in our lives for the 7th is opposite the 1st and any planets contained in your 7th will attract those born to the sign it rules into your life – for better or worse (I have Uranus in the 7th and the amount of Aquarians I’ve met and been in a ‘relationship’ with beggars belief what about you do you have any planets in your 7th ? The sign opposite often indicates what you need or lack in your life and it’s worth studying from an elemental point of view.
  • If your first house is Fire your seventh house is Air, if your first house is Earth your seventh is Water, likewise, an Air first has a fire seventh a Water first has an Earth seventh (The 7th house (Descendant) is where you attract and how you’ll respond to the many different circumstances, people, situations and events in your life. The sign on the cusp, its ruler and any planets or aspects to this house all tell you what you need to experience in order to grow. By a quirk of the subconscious mind we project the things we LOVE or, conversely the things we HATE onto others. Here’s something for you – a PDF of all the houses – accept with my compliments click here for the link and download from Dropbox – “yep, I’m finally moving toward cloud based sharing – enjoy…” As you know I’m in the process of updating astronumbers.com.au for all who’ve sent me words of encouragement, thank you. For those who’re taking part in the Tarot Meditation, don’t forget to enter your email address and they’ll be sent you as soon as uploaded – you won’t miss an episode.
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  • Hi Tom, I hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to write to tell you my chart has been so accurate this year. I have certainly had problems at work where witnesses have been called and it was said that I would win, and I have! I am pleased that I am now in my 9th cycle and look forward to new beginnings. I certainly look forward to my chart for 2015.Many thanks for when I was really low during these last couple of months reading my chart gave me a lot of support to know I could get through it. “K”

  • In the meantime, look forward to more ‘freebies’ in the coming months.
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Tarot Meditation


Continuing with our journey allow me to introduce ‘your father’…

Whenever and wherever your see me know I represent self-control and ask you use my power in all you do. Ponder over this: If you make an incorrect assessment of a situation and proceeding on that information the results are likely to be unsatisfactory. If, on the other hand you make an intelligent evaluation of a situation and FOCUS all your energy accordingly it’s logical to suppose you’ll receive the results warranted, agree?

 I am your EARTH/BIRTH FATHER and it was YOU that chose me to give you life…WHY? For some, this can be a blessing, for others a curse but I am your Birth/Earth Father and you cannot escape the fact I am the seed planted into your Birth/Earth Mother’s womb for it was YOU that chose me…

You, as a human/divine being have a sevenfold nature: You posses a physical body, an etheric body, a passionate, vital, mental, soul and spiritual body, all interacting in making you the person/being you are NOW. Take a few moments discovering these ‘bodies’ within and when you assimilate me into your psyche, as you become aware of your ‘divine’ nature you’ll receive information far beyond your understanding and when you receive this information (knowledge) you must pass it on to your fellow man. Helping those who have lost they’re way, to pass on the truths (as you come to understand them) in a compassionate and considerate manner.

Know that life can never be held static there must always be movement, whenever and wherever you see me ask if your life-experience has become stale and if the answer is YES – make changes, make improvements and begin again. Whenever I appear in any layout I represent effort, hard work, and motivation, all of which I will reward…

 You are what you alone have made of yourself; you alone have the power and free will to change your life. If you’re dissatisfied with your “lot in life,” If you’re dissatisfied with the way your life has turned out or, where you think it might be heading, do something about it. Remember, God helps those who help themselves…

 Whenever you see me on the tarot wheel )or layout of choice) be prepared to work on this area of your life, there are no easy shortcuts, no simple solutions and no easy answers, it’s up to you and when you make any kind of effort you’ll be rewarded in proportion to your output…

Consider this: As the seed that gave you life I had to fight for my survival, struggling to reach my goal, survive all obstacles and impregnate your mother’s egg in order that you begin your journey into the world of mankind…

Before you go any further on your ‘journey’ go back and read what’s been said from the Fool to the Magician, from the High Priestess to the Empress and read again what I’ve said. Life in the world of mankind won’t be easy but YOU chose it now LIVE it…

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Tarot Meditation

The EmpressThe Major – Your Personal Journey – The Empress…

 Continuing with our meditation of the tarot consider the following: Here I sit, on my throne concealing the greatest mystery of all. “Do you know what this mystery is?” Procreation…

Think about this for a moment and see if you can understand why you choose creation in earthly form: “Why did you choose to be born through me, into the world of mankind?”

I am Mother Nature and my laws must be obeyed. If you understand the laws of my world all things will be given to you. “Look around you and notice the many wonders of my kingdom, the flowers, the animals, the insects, the mountains and lakes, the land and ocean, the beautiful scenery that I have created for your enjoyment, fulfillment and wonder. Oh how you take me for granted! It’s time to give thanks… 

I am your EARTH/BIRTH MOTHER and through me you became the person you are, through me your soul united with matter, through me I gave you life in the world of mankind. Learn to respect me for it was YOU who chose my womb…

When you offer thanks, your wishes and dreams will be fulfilled. It’s time to give thanks…There’s an ancient saying: “Be careful of your wishes, for you will surely receive them.” If you desire something strongly enough it will surely come to pass and once it becomes a reality you may decide you did not want it after all… Oh! How fickle human beings are…

Whenever you see me in any layout it’s time to look after your health, to look after your physical appearance and pay full attention to your bodies needs. Spend time and money on your personal appearance for how others see you is important now. Lose weight, attend the gym, go through your wardrobe and replace worn and outdated clothes.

Whenever you see me you must listen to your dreams for they’ll alert you to opportunities or, where you’ve gone wrong and always act on any message received for when you do they will increase in their reliability.

When you met the Magician you met your conscious mind, in the company of the High Priestess your subconscious mind was alerted, now in my ‘garden’ all is in manifestation. Do you like what you see? If not go back to the Magician and start again…

Whenever I appear in any layout it’s time to share your bounty with others for if you won’t I’ll take from you ALL that I’ve given. Instead of fertility I’ll bring sterility, instead of harmony I’ll bring discord; you know the rest….

Wherever I am located on your Tarot Wheel know in your heart that all will be well…

Full Moon in Pisces

photoWelcome to the Full Moon @16 degrees Pisces

Good morning/afternoon/evening (whenever you read this) no matter where you are in the world and welcome to my spin on the Full Moon in Pisces the most mystical sign of all. If you had trouble sleeping last night or have felt a bit ‘weird or wired’ blame it on the upcoming Full Moon! If you’ve been out of sorts these past few months, tired or listless, frustrated or fearful – blame it on the stars…

Before I begin this bulletin I ask you to look at your feet (ruled by Pisces) and consider treating yourself to a pedicure or simply wearing different shoes for the day. Some of you might benefit from a foot spa or a visit to your local shoe shop for another pair of trainers! If the weather is kind maybe a walk on the beach or if that’s not an option go barefoot for a while – all of which puts you in touch with your Piscean energy for we all have Pisces somewhere in our chart. It’s time to energise your crystals, talismans,  by placing them in the light of the Full Moon.

As you know (or should) I’m a great believer in understanding the degree and the house where any New or Full Moon takes place, in understanding this you can focus/think more effectively. For me, I was born with a 16 degree Sun and Moon in Sagittarius therefore this Full Moon is making an exact aspect – taking place in my solar 4th  If you were born in Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini or Pisces you’ll be feeling this Full Moon more than others but where? If you were born around the 9th of any month the ‘energy’ that surrounds you is changing – we hear a great deal about this word ‘energy’ from numerous sources, some confusing others confirming. Like it or not we’re all ‘energy beings’ with some more aware than others – reacting and responding to the subtleties of information surrounding, from the people we meet to the news on the television and we all know what that means don’t we? So let’s look at where Pisces is located in your chart and find out where you react /respond to this ‘energy.’ Keeping in mind at all times, you need to know the cusp degree for accuracy, for the moment we’ll just consider zero degrees (keeping it simple.)

If you’re Aries you’ll react to people and their problems, there’ll be many who depend on you (personally and professionally) and it’s your desire to help when and where you can – don’t you?

If Taurus, it’ll be your friends and associates you ‘feel’ either relying on your or using you for their own ends. This is difficult to deal with for friends are important in your life and when one takes advantage of you it’s hard to forget.

If Gemini you have a desire to ‘prove’ yourself to the world out there, your sensitive to your appearance and the effect it has on others, sometimes this is favourable other times it can be a tad depressing.

If Cancerian it’s your faith (or lack thereof) in human nature more so when dealing with ‘foreign’ people, if you have no faith, no religion or have never travelled depression kicks in, by the way, you’re more resilient than you think so remain positive in a negative world.

If Leo is your Sun sign you sense the undercurrents of human nature, you respond to the hardship of humanity, wanting to make the world a better place. Sometimes it’s better to leave others to their own devices for they too have their journey and all you should do is lead by example.

If Virgo you feel the pain associated with tragedy, with illness and infection (mentally and physically) for there are many who turn to you seeking solace, relationships (and I don’t just mean human) are important with some harmonious and others stressful.

Librans react/respond to the kindness of others (often through rose-coloured glasses) where, often as not you’re taken for the proverbial ride. One of your life lessons is to say ‘no’ on occasions more so in the workplace – where you’re often taken granted.

Scorpio’s sense the weakness and the manipulation of others (more so on the romantic front) where often as not your eyes are opened in a flash of blinding light as to where you want to help the weak and destroy the manipulators.

Sagittarius react/sense or respond to their environment more than others, feeling at home or feeling a stranger in the home of wherever they find themselves (and I don’t just mean houses) for the place you call home is either a fortress of prison.

Capricorns are aware of their neighbourhood more than others along with their physical bodies, some feel fantastic in the way they look others feel awkward in their appearance. All of which hinders effective communication.

Aquarians have the best of the  Piscean energy for they (like Cancerians) have much resilience and fortitude where in times of crisis you’re a good friend and companion – if only you believed the effect you have on others.

Pisces (and we all know at least one) are those who care and whom we turn to in times of trouble where they absorb all our pain and suffering. Of all signs you are one of the strongest, able to pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start all over again, and again, and again.

I hope you’ve enjoyed/benefitted from this dissertation for no matter what sign you are, what kind of ‘energy being’ you are, this Full Moon in Pisces should take you a little deeper into your psyche than any other. Keeping in mind you need to know the degree of your house cusp in order to know where you should be focussing your energy today yet, what you did or did not do a couple of weeks ago manifests and what you did or did not do a the last NEW moon in Pisces (approx 6 months ago) is manifesting in its own way.

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As I come to the end of a numerological cycle and prepare for my new one (another swing and roundabout) I’ll keep you up to speed on what’s around the corner or, when on the roundabout hit the same spot again. By the way, all you baby boomers (with Pluto in Leo) Jupiter has either hit your natal Pluto or is about to (hitting mine from the 21st October) where what was going on in your life 12 years ago repeats itself…

I’ll be giving a presentation on this at AANSW in December where for over five years I’ve been their Christmas presenter taking a  fun look at Astrology and any other oligy I can come up with, see  you there.

For those who have an interest in what Jupiter might mean (if born between 1939 and 1957) I’m putting together an e-book of information, available shortly for a reasonable cost and downloaded to your computer) you can order in advance by making a payment of only $15 (for those living in Australia you can direct debit, for those overseas please contact me for PayPal details)

That’s it for now folks, off to do some painting (another project – Full Moon in my 4th) you can follow my ‘projects’ on Facebook – enjoy the rest of your day.


Meditation with the Tarot

778The Major Arcana-Your Personal Journey – The High Priestess…

 Continuing with our Meditation with the Tarot take a few moments and hear what the she has to say to you: “Here I sit, between the Inner and Outer World for I am the High Priestess with vast amounts of knowledge lying behind my veil and hidden within my scroll. I sit between the pillars of light and dark, positive and negative, male and female, all of which come together at the cross on my breast. I am the reader of fortunes, the teller of tales… listen to what I have to say to you.”

 “The secrets of your universe will be revealed only when you’re ready to receive them and not before. I ask you listen with your heart and not your head to the many mysteries I will reveal if you’re willing to listen – to understand through reason is all very well but there is no growth unless you experience life from the heart centre.”

“I ask that you meditate on the NOW moment (if you know what that means for in reality there is none) so, forget yesterday and tomorrow and be receptive to what I have to say. Centre on what you think is the NOW and hear my voice and when you hear my words it is vital you carry them out, no matter how trivial they appear to be for I will not, repeat, will not, address those who seek easy answers or simple solutions nor will I offer truths to those unable to understand them.”

Whenever and wherever you see me I will bring a SCHISM into your life in order to promote your growth, you’ll experience confusion as old orders break down, as old habits die. There’ll be CHAOS as you experience me and this fragmentation of your life. Whenever and wherever you see me, know I’m at work and accept the events as and when they happen, there is no other way…

Keep in mind the following truth: “The conscious mind formulates the ideas which your subconscious mind accepts as real then sets about to make them real, there is no other way. The only thing in the universe you have power over is your thoughts – nothing else…”

“When I appear in any layout you’re being asked to remain passive and poised, awaiting my truths, the future is unclear and unknowable at the moment for there are hidden energies at work which you have no control over. It’s time to consider your past, it’s brought you to where you are now, good or bad you’re where you are as a result of who or what you’ve been and done…” When you see ‘me’ in any layout your memories will be stirred and if you feel ‘trapped’ by these memories “get over it.” 

“It’s time to use the stored wisdom of your memories, past experiences resolving to make your life an easier one from this MOMENT on…Look to where I sit on the tarot wheel (or layout of choice) this is where I’m at work and I will not reveal (until you are ready) what must be revealed – no matter how much you pry, question or cajole and I repeat I will not answer silly questions for whenever and wherever you see me it’s time to experience not an explanation… 

In your meditation with the High Priestess I wish you well for she has much to reveal – if you’re ready for the next step on your journey…

Until next time – enjoy your week