Your weekly journey with the Tarot

783The Major Arcana-Your Personal Journey –  The Magician…

 Continuing with our journey using the Tarot as a weekly meditation tool look at the card for the Magician represents your conscious mind and by concentration (or meditation) and single-minded attention to detail to a specific idea or goal can he deliver whatever you focus upon (and so can you) drawing upon the forces from ‘above’ or from ‘within’ to bring into reality whatever you ask…

 He tells you that if you’ve depended on others in the past you’ll come to realise you can no longer do so, you’re on your own; it’s time to stand on your own two feet. It’s time for you to take the reins and determine your future course, do you know where you want to go, what you want to do or who you want to become? Do you?

 Take a look at his table for upon it are all the elements (tools) you need but you can only have one for the moment, make your decision: The Wand representing FIRE will give you mental dominion over others. The Pentacle representing EARTH will give you wealth and material comfort. The Sword representing AIR will give you power over your enemies and the Cup, representing WATER will satisfy your passions. Which one do you want? Concentrate…

 Wherever you see me on the tarot wheel I ask you to concentrate on this sector/chapter of your life and bring about a fresh start. Sure, you may have to stand alone, appear aloof in the eyes of others, you may have to ‘separate’ yourself from family, friends and loved ones to bring about whatever it is you desire, so be it…

 It’s time to set long-term goals and take the necessary steps to attain them and when you look back upon this time you’ll realise this period was the foundation of a new chapter to your life (my position on the wheel will tell you where I’m active, stirring the ‘pot’ so to speak)…

 It’s time to promote your skills and talents, to believe in yourself and not take no for an answer, be decisive, act with confidence, initiate, and set the wheels in motion for whatever it is you want, just remember the word CONCENTRATE…

 Take another look at the actual card for the wand in the Magicians right hand points to the sky above representing drawing or attracting the ‘energy’ from the unseen forces above and allowing it to flow through him, notice his left hand pointing towards to ground below representing the manifestation of this creative energy made real. Like a lightening conductor (which earths the ‘energy’) ideas and inspirations don’t come from us but through us… Are you ready?

 On a mundane level the Magician represents new beginnings, decisions, independence and a fresh start. Again, let me remind you, the Magician is a channel, a conductor, and a conduit for ‘something’ about to become real…

 Wherever you see the Magician there’ll be excitement felt within every pore as you sense something being stirred within you and as we approach the 1st quarter moon what better time to become ‘excited.’

 Until next time – enjoy your week and drop me a comment if what you read resonates with you.

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Enjoy your week everyone – whatever it brings and remember, be yourself – everyone else is taken…

The Magic of the Tarot


Each week I’ll be posting a card from the major arcana along with a meditation technique – enjoy.

The Magic of Tarot – The Fool

 Whether you believe in the power of Magic or not – it exists and the Tarot is one of the most magical tools you can use for personal development. You can use this ‘magic’ to help your love life, financial life, personal relationships – anything, following a few simple rules – and the first rule to remember is: “There aren’t any…”

I’d like to take you on a journey (using the Tarot) into a world of awareness, consciousness and increased knowledge about YOUR world and to do this we need to ‘connect’ with the first and last card called the FOOL. Whenever you see the FOOL in any layout become aware of a beginning, a ‘journey’ about to be undertaken and major decisions to be made. Become aware of your SPIRITUAL ESSENCE and SOULS PURPOSE for the Fool represents a step into the unknown/ unknowable.

The Fool will speak to you in the following way: ” I can see what’s to come; I can see my future, my purpose, the dangers and delights, I am not afraid for in this ‘game of life’ it’s not whether I win or lose but the taking part. I see my purpose ahead and accept the challenge (although I hear the doubtful voices of others in the background) taking that first step leaving  behind all that’s comfortable, familiar and step into the unknown –  I’m not afraid.”

Wherever you see me on the tarot wheel or any other spread I always mean the same thing; I’m about to take a leap into the unknown, others may laugh, scorn or ridicule me but I have to be true to myself and ‘dive’ not ‘fall’ into my future.

Take a look at the actual card called the Fool and notice its number 0. Representing the Alpha and Omega (no beginning and no end) plus it’ the only Arabic numeral in the deck (Rider Waite) offering a clue to its uniqueness.  The word fool comes from the Latin follis meaning a bag of wind! Everyone who talks about what they’re going to do and doesn’t follow through is “full of wind.” But, those who trust in themselves and take that first step into unknown and uncharted territory (are often called foolish by others) discovering qualities within themselves they would never have found if they’d stayed on familiar/safe ground – instead of being a card of ‘foolishness’ it’s really a card of ‘bravery…’

Once a decision has been made you will hear a voice saying:  “Whenever you have need of me you only have to turn inward for I’m ALWAYS here. Whenever you need my help you only have to ask and I will respond to your every plea no matter how small or large. I may not give you what you WANT but I will always give you what you NEED. It is your life and only you must live it…”

Ask only for GUIDANCE and I’ll always help you on your journey.

I’d like to share this ‘journey’ with you as we progress from the Magic of the FOOL to the end of the WORLD and back to the Fool again. Take a few minutes of your day to meditate (about 5minutes is all you need) with this (or any card) – buy yourself a picture frame and place the card of the day somewhere you can see it  – feel its presence and be reminded of your JOURNEY…

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The meaning of your house number

houseThe place you live carries a ‘hidden meaning’ simply ‘reduce’ the number of where you live to a single digit and read below.

If living in an apartment don’t add the number of your apartment to the block in your calculations for the number of your apartment affects only those who live there…

If you follow this simple instruction we’ll be on the ‘same page.’

This a brief extract from e-Book where the numbers 10 – 100 are revealed + understanding the name of your house, street, city, etc. contact me if you wish to purchase a copy.

House Number One: This number usually means having to contend with many family responsibilities and not always happy ones! You’ll often feel alone whilst living here so make sure you have interesting hobbies to occupy your mind. This house number attracts Leos and is linked to the Sun in Astrology and all things to do with 5th house affairs. Although your lifestyle can be described as serious, you must learn to lighten-up a little and have some fun. Discover your individuality and be big, bold and brassy with your ideas.

House Number Two: Welfare programs, social work and community involvement will demand a lot of your time. You are also likely to keep late hours and may upset the neighbours with your comings and goings! This number can indicate depression for those who don’t occupy their time and when you invite others over try not to become too involved in their problems and when the conversation becomes a little too heavy change the subject! You might end up mothering others or fighting their battles for them. Cancerian’s are drawn to this number as are those with a connection with Scotland! Number 2 is linked to the Moon in Astrology and all matters to do with the 4th sector of your Astrological Chart.

House Number Three: Travel and adventure are the keywords for this number. Ambitious people are drawn here as well as people who take risks, gamblers in particular. Everything has a place in this household and when visiting expect to be told the cost of every new purchase! People who live here are seen as a winner which often leads to jealousy and gossip. Sagittarians and pets are attracted to this address as well as those connected to the legal profession and people who wear a uniform as part of their work and connected to the planet Jupiter and the 9th house in Astrology and all the affairs of the 9th. Writers and those who get their work published live or are drawn here.

House Number Four: This is the most unpredictable of all the house numbers with one crisis after another. The occupants often visit psychiatrists or seek someone to talk to! Expect your life to move in a completely different direction from what you had in mind if moving in here, take a tip and go with the flow for life is changing in ways you cannot predict. Aquarians will enter your life (you may be one yourself), but as long as they are not born on Jan 26, Feb 8, Feb 17 you can let them in! Life will offer many moments where you’ll be called upon to help or counsel others. This address may even look different to others in the area or the occupants considered a little ‘strange.’ It also attracts those involved with the physically handicapped! Some personal comments: I’ve often seen this number to have all the electronic gadgets, computers, plasma televisions, etc. Linked to the planet Uranus in Astrology and the 11th sector of the chart.

House Number Five: Living here is like living in a hotel – expect all sorts of comings and goings at all hours of the day and night. Forget having a security door, what you need is a revolving one! Running a business from home is ideal and people who travel for a living often live here. Investors also like this number as it offers one of the best returns for minimal outlay. Gemini’s and Virgo’s are attracted to this number, linked to the planet Mercury and the 3rd and 6th sector of your Astrological Chart. Look after your skin and make sure all food is prepared in the cleanest of environments. Keep insurance policies up-to-date and all cash under lock and key.

House Number Six: You’d better have a green thumb as this number demands greenery! When you move into this address unpack everything you own for you’re going to be here for a long time (well it’ll feel like that) for this is a number of stability. Artistic and creative people like it here, as well as people who are in love or newly married or moving in together. Any creative talents you possess will come to the surface and demand expression. Linked to the planet Venus in Astrology with Taurean’s and Libran’s attracted to this number, linked with the 2nd and 7th sector of the zodiac and if you make friends with either sign, your life will improve out of sight! Interestingly, when visitors come to stay they often extend their visit, you’ve been warned! Those connected to the gay community are drawn to this number!

House Number Seven: A strange number which may even be a bit spooky, even to being actually haunted by the memories of the previous occupants! Check the water table and the area for flooding, as well as the pipes for leaks. Expect a few visits to the local hospital, either as a patient or a visitor – you may even work there. Voluntary work, being involved with community projects and organisations are all indicated. Piscean’s are drawn and benefit from living at this address, linked to the planet Neptune and associated with the 12th sector of the zodiac. Look after your feet and avoid draughts, ideally this place should be near water and if not you should create some kind of ‘water feature’ even a pool.

House Number Eight: Older people live here and even if you’re young you’ll be or become mature in your thinking. Unfortunately, you can expect to be misunderstood by your neighbours and if you live in an apartment block you’ll feel the odd one out! Clocks are often a hobby of those who live here and time will fascinate you even to the concept of reincarnation. Check the foundations of this house for there’s usually a few hidden problems that’ll need your attention or, save you money before you purchase of move in. Capricorn’s will find this a lucky address, yet Aquarians will find it unlucky! Look after your diet, making sure you get enough fibre and if your large intestine plays up attend to any problems immediately. Linked to the planet Saturn and the 10th house of the zodiac and as you may know, anything or any one linked to the planet Saturn is tested or challenged in many ways.

House Number Nine: This is the number of the ‘battler’ having to fight for everything. Don’t invite the family around for too many gatherings, as you’ll end up having the usual arguments, problems with neighbours also are likely! Aries and Scorpios are drawn to this number because it usually helps them to advance in life, also associated with the 1st and 8th sector of the zodiac with the planets Mars and Pluto. You’ll find yourself collecting lots of books and travel is indicated, in fact the first thing to unpack is your books! On the plus side of things this number brings out the best in you bringing to the surface your hidden talents, on the negative it makes you argumentative and competitive.

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The colour of food in your pantry

pantryWe all know “we are what we eat” so let’s consider the colour of food in your pantry – enjoy.  

  • Aries: You need red food in your diet.

Taurus: You need yellow food.

Gemini: Yellow coloured food.

Cancer: You need green food in your diet.

Leo: Orange and yellow food will be found beneficial.

Virgo: Yellow, green and blue food.

Libra: Red and yellow food.

Scorpio: Orange food and black foodstuffs.

Sagittarius: Yellow, green, red foodstuffs.

Capricorn: Green food will be found very beneficial.

Aquarius: Blue food and white foods.

Pisces: Blue and green coloured foodstuffs + liquids.

 Orange Foods are good for cramp pains. Orange foods help re-build lung membrane tissue. Orange foods are good for those living in polluted areas, helpful in the healing of growths/tumours/warts and considered anti – spasmodic, good for skin and bones. Promoting happiness, warmth and joy, orange foods help to strengthen the Aura! Help to generate ideas. Oranges: Carrots: Sesame: Pumpkin: Dates: Walnuts and apricots are all said to be ‘orange’ foods.

Red Foods help the circulation. If your hands and feet are cold wear red gloves/socks. Helps clear mucus and phlegm from the throat. Red foods help in re – building a shattered EGO. Red foods will increase your vitality, virility, and egocentricity promoting growth and well being. Tomatoes: Cherries: Eggplant: Red Cabbage: Watermelon: Strawberries: Radishes: are all said to be Red Foods. Rye bread is also said to be rich in RED.

Yellow Foods are a motor stimulant (better than tea or coffee). Is said to provide positive magnetic currents, yellow foods make you happy. Good for the brain and nervous system, great for digestion and constipation. Apples: Peaches: Bananas: Corn: Mangoes: Butter: are all said to be YELLOW.

Green Foods are a cleanser and considered a natural tranquilliser. Green foods help to CENTRE ones Self. Helps dilate the capillaries, promoting the growth of good cells help in the destruction of bad ones. Great for headaches and for grey hair! All green vegetables are Green Foods as are all Grasses. Vitamin B1: Brewer’s yeast is also said to come under the GREEN Ray.

Blue Foods are beneficial for all mental work. Good for sore backs stiff necks, sore throats. Has a cooling effect upon the Aura. Plums: Blueberries: Grapes (not green): Celery: Parsnips: Asparagus: Nuts: are all said to be BLUE.

White Foods are good for the nervous system. White bread: Water: Milk: Yoghurt: are all said to come under the WHITE Ray.

 Foodstuffs associated with your Birth Number (the day you were born)

 Number One: Raisins: Saffron: Cloves: Nutmeg: Bay Leaves: Oranges: Lemons: Dates & Honey.

Number Two: Lettuce: Cabbage: Turnips: Melon and Cucumber.

Number Three: Beetroot. Berries: Asparagus: Sage: Apples: Peaches: Olives: Rhubarb & Figs.

Number Four: Spinach: Sage: Wintergreen. Avoid too much meat and too many spices.

Number Five: Carrots: Parsnips: Oats: Parsley: Mushrooms: Nuts and Caraway seeds.

Number Six: Beans: Mint: Apricots and Figs.

Number Seven: Lettuce: Citrus Fruits of all kinds. Juices: Water and Mushrooms.

Number Eight: Spinach. Marshmallow: Plantain: Celery: Carrots: Potatoes and Onions. All food grown underground

Number Nine: Onions: Garlic: Leeks. Rhubarb: Ginger: Pepper and Horseradish. All spices or red coloured foodstuffs are beneficial.

 Feel free to pass on this presentation to those whom you know might benefit from knowing the colours associated with Astrological Signs and Birth Numbers- remembering this presentation is for informational purposes only and not meant as any alternative to professional advice given by your health care provider.


Important ages to remember


Important ages

Ages 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96 Jupiter Return

Ages 14, 44, 74 Saturn Opposition

Ages 21-24 Pluto Sextile

Ages 27, 54-55 Progressed Moon Return

Ages 29, 58-59 Saturn Return

Ages 28-30 Neptune Sextile

Ages 36-43 Pluto Square (Midlife)

Ages 38-41 Uranus Opposition (Midlife)

Ages 40-43 Neptune Square (Midlife)

Age 50 Chiron Return

Ages 55-57 Neptune Trine

Ages 56-60 Pluto Trine

Age 84 Uranus Return

New Moon in the Houses

Moon WorkshopsNew Moon in the First House: This New Moon’s placement is a powerful one— time to reinvent your Self in some personal way, such as with a new look or manner of expressing and presenting yourself Think about how you present yourself to others, focus on changing personal habits in such a way as to improve your confidence in yourself, and concentrate on putting your best foot forward. Be authentic and not a phoney! The first house reminds us of the importance of acting on our impulses and believing in ourselves. This is a time when you can be brave and enjoy new experiences.

New Moon in the Second House: Heightened sensitivity to the world of the five senses, to your physical environment and the security you have built for yourself along with an appreciation of the physical world. Financial issues come into focus, setting realistic goals, formulating a budget and other financial projects along with ways to increase your income should be the focus of this Moon. Take a few moments and delight yourself through earthy, tactile, and comforting activities

New Moon in the Third House: The third house rules our communication skills, learning, methods, daily interactions and contact with our neighbours. This is a favourable time to learn something new, or taking any kind of oral exam, written test or project. Be at ease in social situations and develop a mental rapport with others. Become more aware of your environment and keep a lookout for any suspicious behaviour! This is house of Mercury and when ‘he’ retrogrades all of the above and more come into focus.

New Moon in the Fourth House: Home and family are the focus during this phase. On a personal developmental level, this is a time to listen to what your gut instincts are telling you! The fourth house is associated with home and family, a time from some reorganisation of the house you call home and to become more aware or connected with your ‘roots.’ A good time for making long-range plans for the future along with parental issues (opposite sex parent) to be addressed! ,

New Moon in the Fifth House: Creative self-expression comes under the realm of the fifth house, and a New Moon occurring here sparks the creative juices. Romantic inclinations are also highlighted, as are any kind of celebratory, playful, and just-for-fun endeavours! If you’re feeling good about yourself, you will radiate confidence…

New Moon in the Sixth House: Time to focus on diet regimes, health routines, and your physical well being. To find the right work – play balance and prioritise your schedules. It’s a time to take care of business, handle details, and increase your efficiency. A good time for analysis of any sort just keep in mind “too much analysis leads to paralysis.” Focus this New Moon on making you a better person – helping others, taking care of others, being there for others is what I mean…

New Moon in the Seventh House: Negotiations and diplomacy are highlighted during this period, as well as a favourable time to begin new relationships or to re-define existing ones! Issues of sharing and partnership come to the fore along with an increased awareness of the need for someone significant to lean on or to rely on! If you find yourself sensitive to any lack of support from a partners or partners this is a good time to ask yourself how companionable you are and work on developing yourself in this area…

New Moon in the Eighth House: A time of self –empowerment as well as developing any self-mastery skills. Focus on issues of intimacy for now you’re more aware of makes others tick as well as your own motivations in this area also, a good time for some intimate sharing whether physical, sexual, mental or emotional. On another level, a favourable period to start any financial plan, savings plan, taking out a loan or consolidating your finances. Radical and fundamental changes to the way you life your life can be implemented now – giving up cigarettes, alcohol, chocolate….

New Moon in the Ninth House: The ninth house rules our spirit to grow, explore, and expand beyond the “ordinary” experiences of our lives. This New Moon brings a ‘restlessness’ and dissatisfaction with the everydayness to our mundane /regular routines. Initiate new projects or activities that expand your mind, feed your spirit for adventure, and stretch your imagination. In doing so you’ll be ‘renewed’ by a new perspective on your life, something philosophical or spiritual that you read or learn will give you the confidence to begin any venture that takes you up and onward from the mundane routines of life.

New Moon in the Tenth House: Heightened sensitivity to your standing in society and your goals for constructive progress are highlighted this month. It’s a good time to develop new business plans and goals, a time for renewal and reinvigoration in your career goals awaits you. Focus on the parts of your personality that you project to society and as a professional – be seen as a winner! Self-mastery and self-discipline should be your goals at this time – sentiment is not allowed in this, your business month. Parental (same sex parent) issues are also likely to arise…

New Moon in the Eleventh House: The eleventh house is a sector associated with networking, making contact, group activities, and income earned from business. With the New Moon here, focus is on making contacts and reaching out to others in both a social and professional sense. It’s a time to turn inner restlessness into fruitful contact with others. Goals that involve networking, making connections with others, joining or strengthening ties with associates and nurturing goodwill should be your focus this month

New Moon in the Twelfth House: This is a period of review, letting go and recharging your spiritual and, in effect, physical “batteries”. Some kind of soul-searching is in order, and the urge to find some level of emotional peace of mind will be apparent. This is the most sensitive position for any New Moon – find your inner peace for in this sector of your chart your ‘guardian angel’ resides. If you have any desire to ‘run away’ do you know what you’re running from or running to?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief synopsis of what the New Moon in each of the Houses represents print it out for future reference.

Keeping in mind when we come to any New Moon it’s time to ‘listen’ to what you hear and when you’ve heard what you hear to instigate what you’ve heard….

Until Next time – be in the moment (it’s all you’ve got)