Welcome to the New Moon in Scorpio – my spin

854Welcome to the New Moon @ 0 degrees of Scorpio – Thursday 23rd October

 You’ll have also heard there’ll be a partial solar eclipse – enjoy this wonder of nature if you can, it’s not visible in all parts of the world! We’re coming to the end of Mercury Retrograde and I don’t know about you but it’s been a testing one these past few weeks – for some, increased activity, for others, a lack of motivation, no matter, he’ll ‘station’ at 16 degrees of Libra on the 25th Oct and his direct motion, re-entering Scorpio 9th November. I’ve been cruising various websites, blogs and Facebook pages trying to get a handle on the astrological information out there and boy there’s a plethora of information out there – enough to confuse  the average ‘surfer.’

 Allow me to enter the shadowy realm of death, taxes, sex and intimacy (or the lack thereof) all of which Scorpio ‘rules’ for know it or not, it’s time to get a ‘handle’ on our feelings of vulnerability, rejection, self worth and defence mechanisms all of which keep us in the dark, all of which Scorpio has domain. Now, that the Sun and New Moon happen in Scorpio at roughly the same time take a moment or two and see where you’re suppressing or repressing your natural instincts for it’s time to stand on your own two feet and say ‘ to hell with what other people think.’ When Mercury retrograded in Scorpio (4th Oct) you’ll have noticed your thinking enter these realms and when he ‘backtracked’ into Libra (around the 11th) your thinking was all about ‘relationships’ or, what was  lacking in your life – agree?

 We’ve all experienced Saturn in Scorpio for some time and soon, he’ll leave (just before Christmas) until he does, here’s something to ponder “If you meditate on love and light, peace and harmony for all mankind” will it come into being? If you offer compassion and consideration to your fellow human being is it being returned? If you’re in constant fear of rejection or denial then it’s time to awaken the true SELF, the one and only SELF slumbering beneath the surface. I’m not asking that you ‘raise your consciousness’ to a higher plane or, “let go and let God” but enter the world of Pluto’s domain that is Scorpio – and when you contact your ‘Pluto’ you’ll be shown the way forward, for he represents your hidden treasures, your hidden strength, your survival instincts and hidden power all of which I sincerely hope you discover.  It’s time you discovered the power of Pluto, the power of the orgasm, of regeneration and renewal…

 From this New Moon if Aries look at your solar 8th, if Taurus your solar 7th, Gemini should look at their solar 6th, Cancer should enter their solar 5th, Leo’s should explore their solar 4th Virgo’s should contemplate their solar 3rd, Librans their solar 2nd with Scorpio’s looking in the mirror of their solar 1st, Sagittarius should explore their solar 12th with Capricorns their solar 11th Aquarians their 10th and Pisces their solar 9th Now, with this being a ZERO degree New Moon – unless you were born with the sun at Zero degrees you should be looking at the previous house (for example I have the sun at 16 degrees of Sagittarius, instead of looking at my solar 12th I would be looking into my solar 11th for the house cusp is determined by the degree of your sun.)

For all who’ve taken advantage of my ‘early bird’ offer in having an Astro Analysis for 2015 -they’re being compiled in time for the New Year with only a few days (until end of Oct) to apply for the early bird price of $50 per analysis. “I’ve been looking at the charts and there’s some interesting themes emerging and it’ll take all my optimistic Sagittarian energy to steer some of you in the right direction in 2015”  I’ll do what I can to present this numerological number eight year (similar to 2006) in its best possible light and look forward to your feedback.

 In closing here’s a little extra something for your the house if your natal Pluto or, where he’s transiting at the moment (Capricorn)

 If you have Pluto in the first house: Strange things happen to you. You meet strange people and go to strange places. In fact, a lot of your life seems strange more so when you seem to disappear off the face of the earth!

 If you have Pluto in the second house: Your security is continually undermined by strange interfering forces, coming out of nowhere and throwing everything out of kilter. Financial ruin stares you in the face; emotional combat plagues you; but still you live through it all and, what’s more, actually go from strength to strength.

 If you have Pluto in the third house: Mysterious going on in the old grey matter! Your mind seems to be an endless dispenser of extraordinary visions, some enchanting, but a lot of them quite intimidating. You know what you should do, don’t you? Put it all down in writing.

 If you have Pluto in the fourth house: Definitely skeleton in the closet time! You frequently allow your domestic life to be influenced by revolutionary forces lurking at the back of your mind often frightened of actually implementing them!

 If you have Pluto in the fifth house: Your creative life comes in outbursts of emotional fervour where you’ll formulate ideas that come from the back of beyond. This can be enormously inspirational, or rather disturbing for those who love you…

 If you have Pluto in the sixth house:  Some say you’re obsessive, others say your phobic! One thing’s for sure when it comes to health and diet, you just can’t be too careful. It’s like you have x-ray eyes and can see all the antibodies and disease-harbouring bacteria that float around this world!

 If you have Pluto in the seventh house: You have a way of attracting the most extraordinary people into your life but if truth be known sometimes, the company you keep actually disturbs you and where you withdraw into lengthy bouts of cathartic isolation!

 If you have Pluto in the eighth house:  You have a sharp eye for the strategic manoeuvre, the tactical raid on your adversaries and in the process you strike at raw nerves and Achilles Heel! In some circles this is called politics – the art of quietly assassinating your opponents when they least expect it!

 If you have Pluto in the ninth house:  You’re drawn to religious issue, drawn to things ‘out there’ drawn to things ‘spiritual’ – not in any conventional manner that’s for sure! You’ll live and die where you least expect it – coming into contact with many dark and unsavoury forces along the way.

If you have Pluto in the tenth house: You’re actually pretty ambitious where you’ll use just about every trick in the book to get what you want from your career. Those who think of you as one of the world’s obedient and law-abiding citizens – had better think again – how wrong they are!

 If you have Pluto in the eleventh house:  you have a nose for seeking out the strangest places to visit and the company of the strangest people! Life; as you experience it, presents an endless variety of dives and places of debauchery where you can dissipate your energies!

 If you have Pluto in the twelfth house: Sometimes, strange forces well up in your emotional life, completely dominating your mood for days on end! At these times, even you don’t know what’s at the root of it all – all you know is that you’re wrapped in a powerful darkness, for which the best remedy seems to be sleep – of all things!

 Until next time – enjoy your day, week and the mystery of the New Moon where what you plant now bears fruit.


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Weekly Tarot Meditation

781The Major Arcana-Your Personal Journey Justice…

 In the Rider Waite Deck the card of Justice is numbered 11 however, I prefer it as card numbered 8 (consistent with the older decks) no matter, the meaning of the card is the same where it asks that you find BALANCE in your life. If not the card of Justice will bring you down to earth…

 Make time to weigh up your life experiences and sort out the ‘wheat from the chaff.’ I ask that you create order and find direction in your life, if not I will restrict you until you do! Look at your memories and ponder the value of your experiences and, if you discover them to be painful, find an explanation as to why they still hurt or cause you pain. Digest what you understand as ‘instructive experiences’ and eliminate the ‘uninstructive experiences.’ In doing so you’ll be set free…

Look at my Sword (the sword of discrimination) and notice it is ‘double edged’ giving you the opportunity (if you decide to accept the challenge) to ‘cut the crap’, to sever ties and, eliminate the ‘useless’ within your thinking. I am JUSTICE and I represent responsibility and in accepting responsibility for your actions I’ll set you free. You life NOW was formed by the actions you took (or failed to take) in the PAST, your life in the FUTURE will be determined by your actions of NOW. Do you want more of the same? Action arises from self-knowledge; real action as opposed to pointless movement always brings meaning – adding value to your life. “I am Justice and ask you seek meaning and value to your life.” It’s time to bring some ORDER, some STRUCTURE and some STABILITY into any reckless, pointless moment.

“KNOW THYSELF” for life demands you respond to every event, every moment and not run from the life you have created for yourself, no one is to blame for you and only YOU have brought yourself to where you are NOW, no one else…

 Accept your so-called problems, your trials and tribulation, your fears and insecurities for you and only you have created them! I am JUSTICE and I promise, if you accept responsibility for this life, if you put your life in order, if you come down to earth I will set you free, free from the endless cycles of repetition, setting you free from constantly repeating past behaviour, this is my promise…

 NB: Although you’re responsible for your own life and what happens within it you are not responsible for natural disasters, earthquakes, wars, disease and famine etc. These events are the events of humankind’s development, all of which, you have limited understanding…

 Whenever and wherever you see me in your layout of choice know this area is being stimulated, activated and if ‘prepared’ your talents will be recognised, acknowledged and the ‘spotlight’ will turn on you. “Who knows, someone might even ‘appear’ in your life to offer you a promising position or want to help you on your way…”

 I am the card of Justice – meditate upon my image.

 “Until next time when we look at the Hermit – enjoy your week…”



Weekly Tarot Meditation

769The Major Arcana-The Chariot…

 Continuing with our meditation we encounter the Chariot who has this to say: I am the Charioteer and wherever you see me I ask you listen to my words for I am your Higher Self, let me speak: “You are a god” have you forgotten? Many times you’ve fallen by the wayside by the many choices encountered and much confusion you have suffered wondering if you made the right decisions. Keep in mind: “ALL decisions are the correct ones. Know that ye are gods.”

 Whenever and wherever you see I (in your layout of choice) know in your heart that your life will come to have some direction as long as you maintain a degree of balance, as long as you exercise self-control. Forget your notions of past, present and future; concentrate on the NOW- “if you can…”

You, with your concepts of positive and negative, of male and female, of right and wrong are the CHARIOT (look at the card) but I am the CHARIOTEER – allow me to guide you, allow me to reveal the plans I have for you, to direct your life towards the goals you seek but do not as yet understand. I have plans for you if only you will listen…

It is time for your journey of life to begin, look into my eyes, allow me to transport you away from the world of chaos, away from the problems of life (created by yourself) and allow me to carry you towards a world of peace and tranquillity. Where is this world I hear you ask? If you listen to my instructions and allow me to be heard I will speak to you in words you will understand, I will speak with authority and with confidence and above all else with dignity, I am your GOD, trust in me…

Symbolically, the CHARIOTEER is the SOUL, directing the Chariot (the body). Notice (on the card, Rider Waite Deck) the charioteer has no reins or ropes to control the opposing forces (represented by the sphinx.) He controls the issues of life by surrendering to the will of God, the spirit of all creation – look into the eyes of the Charioteer and know you’re looking into the eyes of your INNER GOD.

 When this card appears in a reading (or, in meditation) matters of life mysteriously complete themselves without any effort on your part, wait with patience and allow the ‘cycle’ to work for you. It’s time to reflect/analyse your goals, your objectives, projects and relationships, listen to your inner promptings, write down what you hear, you will be inspired by them for they’ll create better reality as long as you remember: “Meditation is motivation – motivation is movement…” Nothing is gained when you stand still…

 NB: Whenever this card appears in a reading or layout of choice is the area of life that begins to ‘speed up’ begins to move and when you recognise this ‘movement’ don’t attempt to direct it, go with it, remain poised, balanced for life is moving towards your goal, sit back and enjoy the ride…

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Tarot Meditation

782The Major Arcana-Your Personal Journey – The Lovers

 Continuing with our meditation of the Tarot let’s look at the Lovers, for whenever you see me remember this: “I represent the parting of the ways.” Difficult decisions await you, choices have to be made, conflicts need to be resolved, all of which are necessary for your growth. “Will you make your decisions based upon your intuition or your intellect?” True growth as an individual requires we leave behind childish things and accept responsibility for our actions; we cannot live forever in the comfort and security of our mother’s bosom nor, can be live in the shadow of our father’s protection. When I appear in your layout of choice, decisions have to be made, no matter how painful they may be…

 As the Lovers I will bring you many temptations, many loves, and for those who choose the right hand path filled with struggle I’ll show you the meaning of ‘true love’ (for love read life, for life read trials and tribulations) and will lead you to HEAVEN. For those who choose the left hand path I offer a licentious and promiscuous existence, a life filled with short-lived pleasures, of gratifications and leading all the way to HELL for integrating me into the psyche can be painful as you become more and more aware of your responsibilities, let me ask you a question: “To whom are you most answerable to?”

 Think of the word SACRIFICE whenever you encounter the LOVERS for love expects; no, love demands a part of you must sacrifice itself for something or someone else. Whenever I appear in any layout you have reached a ‘fork in the road’ a period of tremendous emotional complexity, a time of seemingly incompatible opposites, having to sacrifice one in order to know the other! Decisions cannot be delayed, choices have to be made and made NOW, for procrastination only causes PAIN. Once you’ve integrated me trust in your newfound confidence, your newfound independence, trusting in the future, knowing that no ‘choice’ is ever the wrong choice…

 On a mundane level when I appear in any reading there may be marriage or, the forming of a partnership, people come and go in your life. People may cry on your shoulder, ask for financial help, some may prove burdensome others, offering enlightenment however, don’t accept unnecessary burden or believe every statement of ‘enlightenment’ as truth…

 Take a look the card and notice the male figure looking at the female figure gazing at the angel, what do you think this represents? What would you call the two figures? Adam and Eve, I wonder? Positive and negative principles, conscious and unconscious, male and female energies are all contained within this card and only by integrating them can we become whole. Meditate on this card for behind ‘Adam’ lies the tree of life. Behind ‘Eve’ lies the tree of knowledge.

 448I wish you well in your meditations and look forward to sharing the next card of the Major Arcana – the Chariot: “see you next time”

Mercury Retrograde – “my spin”

860Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio – 4th October until 25th October 2014

 No matter what your sign whenever Mercury turns retrograde something ‘happens’ … allow me to explain. In reality no planet travels backwards (it’s an illusion created from our earthly viewpoint) however the symbology of a ‘retrograde’ planet is worthy of consideration for it gives time to review what you set in motion when the ‘energy’ of the planet apparently goes backward.

 When Mercury entered Scorpio (having left Libra) on the 28th of September and leaves Scorpio on the 28th November (to enter Sagittarius) the focus of your thinking alters (subtly or radically – depending on the sign) taking you upward and onward or downward and backward.

 Mercury is somewhat androgynous – taking on the ‘sex’ of the sign it enters so let’s look at this for when in Scorpio (considered a female sign – inward expression) Mercury behaves in a feminine fashion! When it enters Sagittarius (considered a male sign) Mercury behaves in a masculine fashion – outward expression) and so on around the signs! Have you noticed your thinking going inward these past few weeks? If so you’ll have the chance to review just how far ‘inward’ you’ve been thinking and to make any adjustments during its retrograde period – so, if you’ve been too emotional and too fixed maybe it’s time for a little relaxation, a little time to ‘forgive’ yourself. Look at where the house where Scorpio is located in your chart for clues as to what I’m referring to for it’s the houses of astrology that give clues as to where you should focus your thinking…

 In your chart natal Mercury gives clues as to how you process information with the house offering clues as to what you think about! Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are considered Male Fire Signs. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are Female Earth Signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are Masculine Air Signs with Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces considered Feminine Water Signs (most of you will know this) so let’s look at the modalities of each sign with Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius considered Fixed and a fixed person dislikes change for change throws him or her off balance!  There’s an inherent need to stabilise or control their environment (and everyone in it) to make safe and secure, to be protected against or to endure obstacles. Fixed people in their highest expression are builders with their greatest strength being their ability to endure, to persist in their own dogged way anything they do. On the negative these qualities of endurance and persistence can turn into stubbornness and narrow-mindedness (being a ‘control freak’ would be appropriate for those who are too fixed.)

 The signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are considered Mutable:  where the mutable person sees the environment as something to be adapted to. You’ll change your pattern of behaviour to meet the varying changes in life. This mode gives you flexibility (whether you use it or not is another matter) for flexibility and versatility are necessary in order to achieve anything! Basically, the mutable mode brings balance into one’s life unless, your flexibility turns into vacillation; your adaptability becomes anxious energy – you’ll never know where you’re going!  The real negative of the Mutable is “jack of all trades, master of none.” Lacking the initiative to make real your ideas where you end up talking too much but accomplishing little…

 The signs Aries Cancer, Libra, Capricorn are considered Cardinal: the cardinal person see their environment as something to be acted upon, to be constantly changed. Their law is action – ideas and theories don’t interest them for they’re constantly initiating new projects (and to hell what other people think) doing new things and changing the environment according to their own rules. In a crisis you’ll ACT rather than THINK; you’ll immediately DO something about it. This, of course is a good thing in some situations but absolute folly in others for sometimes the best thing to do (in a crisis) is not to do, for action can sometimes make things worse!  At best the cardinal person is a person of action, the pioneer on every level, the DOER. On the negative side they’re impatient, restless, aggressive and egocentric, starting many things but never quite finishing them. You can always tell a Cardinal person for they always look busy…

 Newsflash: Like John Farnham I’m considering making a comeback to seeing clients in person in 2015 (after dealing with past nine years I have a new cycle approaching) I’ll keep  you up to speed when I make my debut in seeing clients in person once again. In the meantime, I thank those who’ve taken advantage of my project in compiling an Astro-Analysis for 2015 (details were sent in my last bulletin) and look forward to delivering them in time for the New Year.

 In conclusion, when Mercury takes a ‘backward’ glance from the 4th you’ll notice on the 11th October something different when suddenly your thinking becomes Cardinal, Masculine and Air in expression when Mercury re-enters Libra…

 Until the Full Moon in Aries enjoy the next few days


Weekly Tarot Meditation

776The Major Arcana – the Hierophant…

 Continuing with our weekly meditation we explore the meaning behind the most misunderstood card in the pack what he has to say is along these lines: I am your INNER TEACHER, your INNER GUIDE. Whenever and wherever you see me you must listen to my voice. I ask that you question everything and everyone in your search for ‘truth’ for in doing so you’ll be able to act with reason and not by instinct.

True HEARING does not involve spirits from some astral plane, clairvoyance or visions from some nebulous realm. On the contrary, true intuition is based upon gathering all the facts available, accessing them consciously and feeding this information to the subconscious mind which will the act upon this data and bring into reality whatever it is ‘fed.’ Bringing about the desired result; sometimes delivering an answer as if by a ‘miracle.’

Whenever and wherever I appear on the tarot wheel (or the layout of choice) it’s time to promote yourself or talent to the best of your ability. When you ‘see’ me and wherever you ‘see’ me you will face many different paths, situations requiring a decision, choices to be made. In exercising self-control, in channelling your energies wisely and in acting decisively you will bring about a turning point to your life. The secret is in the ‘hearing.’

I ask that you question your upbringing, to question your beliefs, to look at where you’ve been or are being influenced by the ‘preaching’ of another. Remembering, I represent the ‘religion’ of your time and culture; ask if I am teaching TRUTH or DOGMA?

In some cases, when you see me in a layout, it’s you that’ll need some counselling, some advice; in most cases it’ll be others that turn to you. No matter, if it’s you that need some guidance listen to what you hear. If it’s another asking you for ‘help’ be ready to guide them to the best of your ability and point them towards the correct path. If someone has ‘lost’ their way or if it’s you who have ‘lost’ your way know in your heart that each and every one of us has to experience a crisis or two (a test of faith) in order to grow.

Heaven and Hell do exist but only as states in the human mind. In dealing with any ‘crisis’ one must turn to ones own God for help and encouragement therefore find and dialogue with your own God just remember, if you’ve been conditioned or influenced by the dogma of your ‘earthly religion’ then your world must collapse in order that you see the folly of your beliefs.

Only by calm deliberation, by assembling every piece of information presented by any situation can the intellectual process approach its fullest potential. In offering your subconscious mind this jigsaw puzzle of information can it process it, assemble the pieces, to form a picture and deliver the solution back to your conscious mind via the unconscious and super conscious.

On your tarot /astrological wheel the conscious mind is located in position three, the subconscious in position twelve, unconscious mind in position six with your super conscious mind in position nine. Spend some time following this path and discover its TRUTH…