Full Moon in Capricorn

spiralThis Full Moon in Capricorn puts the spotlight on governments, leaders, politicians, institutions, royalty, heads of state, prisons and reforms – all coming under the spotlight of this Full Moon. Personally it’s to your advantage and “dress to impress” over the coming days – as Bette Midler once sang: “I’m beautiful, dammit.” Look at yourself in the mirror and like what you see reflected back at you and give yourself a pat on the back in being you and no one else…

Look to where Capricorn is located in your chart and focus on what the house has to say for it’s in knowing the meaning of the houses you come to know the meaning of your life – easy peasy…

We often have strange dreams at the Full Moon and I had a real doozie, I dreamt I was dead dreaming I was alive…anyone got anything to say on this?

Aries should look at their 10th house, Taurus their 9th, Gemini their 8th Cancer their 7th Leo should look at their 6th Virgo their 5th Libra their 4th and Scorpio their 3rd Sagittarian’s should explore the meaning of their 2nd, Capricorns their 1st with Aquarius looking at their 12th and Pisces their 11th and remember all meanings are given on my website – talking of which, I’m uploading various eBooks to my library at prices affordable to everyone – take a look and you’ll see what I mean. As most of you know or are working out for yourselves websites are changing with more and more apps being developed and downloaded to various devices the WWW as we once knew it soon become a thing of the past and where you are being recorded and followed with every click of your keyboard (only mentioning this at this Full Moon – governments etc “there’s no need to get paranoid.”

Many people like to use the Full Moon to energise their crystals, make affirmations and discover what’s working or not working in their lives since the last New Moon I know I do and when you work in harmony with the waxing and waning of the Moon life takes on a different hue and I’ve made available my Moon Workbook in an eBook for easy reference – only AU$4.95 available immediately, it’s all you’ll need to create the life you want (with a little practise of course.)

I’m keeping this bulletin short and sweet suffice to say the Sun in Cancer opposite the Moon in Capricorn, Mercury is where he belongs in Gemini until the 8th, Venus is getting ready to pack her bags and leave Leo on the 19th July, Mars residing in Cancer all this month and into early August. Jupiter will soon be saying goodbye to Leo in early August and bringing a touch of expansion to Virgo’s whilst Saturn having gone retro will revisit the last few degrees of Scorpio all of this month and where in the last week of July Uranus will turn retro in Aries until the end of the year. Neptune will remain retro in Pisces until mid November and Pluto travelling backwards (seemingly) until the last week in September.

Until next time

Learning the Tarot is easy – when you know how…


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“Anchoring the Self to the Soul”

subconsiouscoverRe-programming your Subconscious Mind

Subconscious programming starts with a single thought as a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step! Thoughts originate in the conscious mind and are sent to the subconscious mind for processing. Once the subconscious mind processes these thoughts, it stores them for later retrieval. Thoughts held for later retrieval are known as beliefs. Everything produced in a person’s life is a result of what they thought.

Look around you and see conditions of people and know they got there because of what they thought. This is why it is important to monitor what you think and focus on what comes into your conscious mind. By thinking positive things, you will produce positive results. There are many steps you can take to change your subconscious programme; you can perform meditation or creative visualisation or both. The bottom line is to do what it takes to control and change what goes into your subconscious mind – altering what’s already there.

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Meditation or quiet reflection allows you to reach your subconscious mind directly and one of the best ways to re-programme the subconscious. Put good thoughts in there and you’ll find your previous programme will change. It’s important you learn this principle for what you think becomes your reality – if you want to attract goods things in your life, you must think good thoughts. In order to attract good things in your life you must vibrate in harmony with the universe but you also need to show gratitude for what you have. Keeping in mind you are a PART of the Universe not APART from it. When you show gratitude, you are vibrating in harmony with the universe…

 Everything in the universe is energy. By acting in harmony with this energy, you can become intertwined as it were with the universal source. By coming together in this way you’ll be attracting everything the universe has to offer since you are now connected to it. Once your subconscious mind has been programmed properly to be in accord and connected to the universe, the results will be what you make them to be – goodness, happiness, and plenty of prosperity.

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Astrological Ages – No experience necessary


astroagesI’ve created an eBook that’ll help understand the age you are now and the influences surrounding you – and when you have your next dinner party or BBQ you’ll be inundated with requests from others wanting to know more – no experience of Astrology is necessary (23,000 words) interactive on your phone, iPad or computer and for the ridiculous price of only AU$4.95 click here it’s fun, informative, surprisingly accurate and a great conversation piece (remember to download within three days.)

Don’t forget to make your wishes at every New Moon.

Now for some additional information

Welcome to the New Moon @ 25 degrees Gemini

 Time to put on your ‘thinking cap’ for this Moon is all about reviewing where you’ve been (remember we’ve just had Mercury retro in Gemini) and where you want to go and with Mars around the same degree there’s ‘movement at the station’ for all you twins out there – take one moment at a time- don’t multi-task, finish what you start and focus on the future. Good advice for all of us for and as you know any New Moon a the time to ‘plant seeds’ for the things you want but what I hear you ask? Look at the age you are now and see where your wishes and dreams, aims and aspirations have changed over the years for what you wanted or desired as a teenager is unlikely to be what you want in your mature years.

I’ve created an eBook that’ll help understand the age you are now and the influences surrounding you – and when you have your next dinner party or BBQ you’ll be inundated with requests from others wanting to know more – no experience of Astrology is necessary (23,000 words) interactive on your phone, iPad or computer and for the ridiculous price of only AU$4.95 click here it’s fun, informative, surprisingly accurate and a great conversation piece (remember to download within three days.)

Okay, enough of the advertising what will the following weeks bring with the Sun about to enter Cancer on the 22nd (Solstice) Mercury moving forward, Venus in Leo and still looking to party, Mars leaving Gemini around the 25th and giving an energy boost to all Cancerians. [BTW did you know that Mars returns to the same position every 2 – 2½ years, why not look back and see what was happening back the for clues as to how Mars will affect you when ‘he’ enters Cancer] for those born with natal Mars in Gemini or Cancer – there’s definitely ‘movement at the station’ where for many, life is changing. ‘Uncle Jove’ (Jupiter) moving through Leo with Saturn retro and re-visiting Scorpio, Uranus around 19 degrees Aries with Neptune and Pluto retro in Pisces and Capricorn respectively.

Talking about ‘thinking caps’ the degree of this New Moon will help understand where you should be thinking – let me remind you that it’s the degree of ‘anything’ that determines the house (no matter which system you use) for example I have a 16 degree house cusp of Sagittarius (using the solar chart) therefore for me this New Moon ‘appears in my solar 7th and this is where I’ll be focusing my thinking. You can check out what the houses mean by checking the houses above and according to what’s written I’ll be asking or focusing on the following: Seventh House has everything to do with agreements and contracts – marriage in particular! Meaningful communication, competition and cooperation with others, courts – divorce and how you handle separation and lawsuits. Open enemies, fugitives, grandparent (from opposite sex parent) lovers and what you love – passion and the outcome of all contentions, partnerships (marriage or business), peace, one-on-one relationships, What you think you lack you seek in another, what’s missing in your life you attract or seek from others – jealousy, rivalry and how you handle opposition, social gatherings, social functions and who you attract in order to grow..As the sun transits this sector of your chart each and every year you’ll come to know what’s missing in your life. In knowing your house cusp you’ll know where to focus your thinking and when you focus effectively success follows.

I never tire talking about the Moon for when you come to understand ‘her’ importance life has meaning or, you have at your fingertips that ‘everything comes to pass’ every dog has it’s day and if you’re down in the dumps and knowing something about the influence of the Moon you can pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start all over again (and again in some cases) for not only is the Moon symbolic of your mother and maternal instincts she also offers clues regarding your ability to nurture and some people are better at nurturing than others  – agree? Here’s something to whet your appetite for when the Moon (and she ‘hit’s every planet once a month) – enjoy

MOON conjunct NATAL MERCURY: You have quick and perceptive feelings. You are one of those people who can ‘pick up’ on situations: that is, you react swiftly to people and atmospheres. Others might see you as perhaps more rational than instinctive, but it would be more accurate to say that your emotional life is strongly bound up with your intellectual life. Indeed, the world of ideas is one which gives you much emotional stimulation, to the extent that one of your chief pastimes – if not pleasures is to daydream.  You look for similar qualities in your partner, prizing conversation and wit above, for example, sentimentality and soft feeling. A unique thing about your mental process is that you have the ability to think ‘in pictures’.  This gives you good powers of memory, for it implies you can recall a clear vision of past events. You should guard against anything that depletes nervous energy, as this will have adverse effects on your emotional resilience.

MOON conjunct Natal VENUS: You will use your sexual power to get what you want emotionally.  This does not mean, of course, that you are emotionally irresponsible; but you are fully aware of the sexual component in personal relationships – regardless of whether they operate on that level or not – and will use it to your own advantage. You also have a great appreciation of things beautiful.  That which is pleasing to the eye attracts you strongly, and you thrive on being surrounded by people and objects that gratify your sense of aesthetics. As there are in fact many things in this world which are physically desirable, you might sometimes go over the top a bit and try to have more and more of these for yourself. You must guard against your tendency to drift from one attraction to another as, because your feelings are often demonstratively and freely given, you can tire of liaisons quickly if you sense there is not the same show of affection coming from the other side.

MOON conjunct NATAL MARS: You experience your feelings strongly, and give them forceful expression.  This gives you a persuasive power over others, as there is no-one more influential than someone who has the courage of his or her convictions. In fact, you have so much belief in the strength of your own feelings that you will literally fight to defend them.  One could say that in the field love and honour, you’re a warrior! This has a powerful pull not only on those of a similar calibre, but also on those who need to take their strength from others: you might find that your romantic partners can be as compliant as perhaps you are dominant. Sometimes you are accused of being coarse or insensitive in your approach to delicate matters; however, to put it more accurately, no one acts more in tune with gut feeling than you do.

 MOON conjunct NATAL JUPITER: If one could paint your emotional landscape, it might be true to portray it as a broad plain covered by a wide-open sky.  In other words, your feelings are limitless and expansive, and are expressed with much generosity and fullness. As open as you are, however, you thrive on the steamy intensity of intimate relationships, and the closer you are to someone the better you feel, for there is then all the more chance of thunder and lightning! Emotional electricity is your favourite food. Others often find that you have your own kind of magnetic charm, and respond to you much as did children to the Pied Piper – they are irresistibly drawn. Be careful, though, to guard against all and sundry jumping on the band wagon, you might have a broad expanse of feeling, but you’re also delicately balanced, and too many demands could tip the emotional scales.

 MOON conjunct NATAL SATURN: It is very important for you to feel there is a structure to your emotional life, that you are applying your feelings to people and causes in an organized and constructive manner. This is not to say you are emotionally reserved or calculated, rather that you have a strong awareness of the seriousness of emotional attachments. You often respond to those in whom traditionally there is invested some kind of authority: you may find that your romantic liaisons consistently are with partners older than yourself. Because you are so reactive towards authority and responsibility, those same qualities will be very much developed in your own nature; therefore your commitment is not given lightly.  Others respond to your air of maturity and perceive you as being a kind of ‘safe haven’, where they can place their feelings knowing that they will be cared for properly and with respect.

MOON conjunct NATAL URANUS: Emotionally, you are a bit of a live wire. You are constantly on edge, because you are forever over-reactive to people and situations. Because you feel things so acutely, you can develop a hypersensitivity to anything emotional, and one way of combating this is to weave your feelings into your mental faculty so that instinct and intellect become inseparable.  This tendency to merge your feelings with your mind does not prevent you, of course, from experiencing emotional upheavals.  As you try to protect yourself from involvement, things build up inside you, and your repressed feelings start spilling over and disrupting your peace of mind. Think of these little upsets as interference on an otherwise normal television screen: there’s nothing wrong with the set itself – i.e. your emotional content – rather, it’s the aerial! So, if the picture starts playing up, take a rest from personal involvements until all the clutter falls away and you can come back fully restored.

 MOON conjunct NATAL NEPTUNE: Your feelings have a tendency to drift like a boat on the open seas. No matter how deep they are, there is often nothing to guide them unless they focus on something solid. Hence, you can easily overspill into the worlds of imagination and reverie, sometimes to the extent that you lose your grasp on reality altogether – at least for a while. This tendency to ‘drift off’ can give others an impression that you are emotionally unstable – you must get endless nagging from your partner because of it! However, this is not quite the truth of the matter. Within this ocean, there is much real feeling on your part. Most importantly, you are receptive to emotional areas that others cannot respond to; that is, you have the ability to transcend normal states of mind because you are sensitive to extra-normal ones. This gives you the power of being able to move people, because you can reveal to them what it is like ‘on the other side’, so to speak.

 MOON conjunct NATAL PLUTO: Emotionally, you can go from high to low within the same hour; or, you can find yourself lost in some kind of emotional ‘black hole’, where everything seems dead and wasted.  These bouts of gloom, nevertheless, have enormous regenerative powers, and after any such period you must inevitably re-emerge completely refreshed and renewed. However, your feelings fluctuate, no matter how hard you try to remain steady and at times, feel as if you have no control over their constant ebb and flow.  It doesn’t matter, though: at least you can’t be accused of being static or stale!  There is everything to be said for an ever-changing cycle of death and renewal – figuratively- speaking, of course!

Until next time – don’t forget my eBook offer click here for an instant download upon payment

My spin on the New Moon in Taurus

Welcome to my spin on the New Moon in Taurus

It’s been a long time coming (Sun entered Taurus on the 20th April) and soon, the Sun will move into Gemini (21st May) so the next few days are going to be critical in more ways than you know, I’ll explain in a moment. A little ‘house-keeping’ when we say the Sun or anything ‘moves’ it’s all apparent for it’s the earth that moves around the Sun as does the planets so rather than talk heliocentric we talk geocentric – techno speak eh! (“Hit your Thesaurus for what this means”) and now we have this New Moon in Taurus where ‘she’ is exalted which basically brings out the best in all you Taureans out there (like having an unexpected birthday present) and for the rest of us wherever Taurus is located in our chart you can take advantage of this New Moon and ‘plant’ the appropriate seeds, make your wishes or affirmations – “don’t you get tired of hearing that?”

 All the wishes and affirmations in the world won’t make a whit of difference unless there’s action or intention behind them so let’s use this New Moon and become a little more fixed or determined (and wherever this sign is located in your chart is where you’re determined, fixed and resolute) and when I say the next few days are critical let me expand  – it’s time for some self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem, time to feed yourself some real food and give yourself permission to indulge in a little self-love (not self-pity.) Time to get real and say to hell with the world for there’s no-one and nothing out there that’ll change your life but YOU – “don’t you get tired of hearing that phrase?” Well, from this dreary ol’ Sagittarian who just happens to have a Progressed Moon in Taurus in a few weeks – “don’t you get tired of me talking about me?” And to say I’m excited or exalted is an understatement – “stay tuned people…”

I want to thank all those who purchased my eBook on AstroNumerology and for the feedback some have sent me (which I’ll put on the website) and for those who still haven’t downloaded their eBook edition to their computer, iPhone, iPad or tablet you can still do so until the end of May for the princely sum of AU$7.75 click here and for those who seek a little more understanding of Solar/Lunar Astrology you can pick up your eBook for the same price by clicking here as you’ll notice (since my old website went to God) I am looking at new systems for delivering my eBooks and am happy with the one I’m currently using and if you have an eBook in mind that you think others might be interested in purchasing (no website is necessary) I can help you get started, drop me an email and I’ll do what I can to help you get started earning an income (Taurus) and increase your earnings…

The Sun as you know will soon be entering Gemini, the Moon as you’ve just read is a New Moon in Taurus, little ol Mercury is about to go retrograde (again!) so back up your computers, sort out the ‘cloud’ and turn of automatic updates…Venus, don’t you love her is have tea and scones in Cancer with Mars head butting in Gemini. Jupiter is around 15 degrees of Leo (soon to move from my 8th into my 9th – don’t you love it?) and for some of you baby boomers out there he’ll be shaking hands with your natal Pluto… Saturn, on the other hand has some of you Scorpio’s in his sights for he’s retrograde and will re-enter your sign next month and won’t leave some of you alone until September – just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, along comes JAWS… Uranus is enjoying Aries for company will be doing so for a few years helping or hindering all you Rams with Neptune getting drunk in Pisces (or, is it he’s just happy?) he’ll retrograde next month so all you Pisceans out there had better watch out – no one likes an angry drunk! Pluto is still creating his havoc on the world scene as he retro’s through Capricorn and don’t you love it as the little planet who was demoted a few years ago is throwing a few tantrums? All in all, the world continues to spin on its axis, the earth continues to travel through space, the planets (once called wanderers) continue on their journey and life moves on-sometimes the more things change the more thing stay the same…

 Here’s a thought for the coming days and you’ve probably heard this before but every seven years every cell in your body has renewed itself meaning you are not the same person you were seven years ago – not the same person! Here’s the math, at age 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49, 56, 63, 70, 77, 84, 91, 98…you’re a different person…

 I’ll leave you with the following quote: “Be yourself – everyone else is taken” I’ve lived this most of my entire life and ask you what it asks of you – time to be YOU.

I’m off to work in the garden, maybe light a fire for some meditation (enjoy a nice glass of red) and be in the moment. Until next time don’t forget to purchase a lottery ticket…